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Frame Lines on 40 mm


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I was just using mine for the first time the other night of an outdoor band using my MM. Yes, outdoor band since I am in Florida right now. I rather liked being able to see the 50 frame lines and then knowing I had some latitude on either side of the frame lines as the guitarists keep moving around and from side to side a lot. After about 3-4 images I felt like I had been using this lens for years.


It is such a small, light weight lens, I felt like I had no lens on the camera at all. Mine has the original old rubber hood.

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I use this lens almost exclusively. It's a compact beauty.

I'm happy using the 50mm frame lines for it

I visualise imaginary frame lines which are the same distance outside the 50 mm frame lines as the 75 mm frame lines are inside, and it's spot-on.

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