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  1. jaques

    35mm 1.4 Summilux pre-asph

    The Oufro on the Summilux produces some pretty amazing and weird dreamy photos- the DOF is so shallow it practically doesn't exist. But the out of focus areas are really nice IMO. That was just some rather mundane flowers in a vase- but with Oufro became something else altogether.
  2. jaques

    35mm 1.4 Summilux pre-asph

    I don't think you'll regret it- and one of the great things about vintage Leica lenses- is that in a sense you can own them for free- or even get paid to own them. If you look around and bide your time till you find a good price- chances are years later it can be sold for more, oftentimes a lot more. I think virtually every single Leica lens I own I could sell today for more than I paid for it. If I did that- essentially I've been paid to own and use them for years! Only problem is I can rarely ever bring myself to sell any...
  3. jaques

    Your Leica bargain stories

    OK- I can play- I've had a bit of luck: Picked up a Noctilux f1 in perfect condition for $3000 AUD at an estate auction- only bid because I felt certain I would be outbid. Not the greatest bargain but not too shabby either. Picked up a fine condition red scale Collapsible Elmar at a flea market for a measley $5. It was at the botom of a box of cameras odds and ends of no real value. Purchased a V3 summicron 50 for just $600 off ebay- it was discounted as it had been modified with a focusing lever... Turns out the Focus Lever was a rare prototype leitz addition for the M4 Safari camera- possibly the onyl one ever made- as identified by the forums Luigi from an old Italian Leica collectors magazine from the late 70's that had a picture of my very lens (same serial number) mounted on the safari M4. I have no idea what it might be worth? But I just love that focus lever! The coup de gras: purchased an M3 with goggled summicron 35mm for $1200 USD off ebay... OK- that's decent but... BUT camera body was serial number 800001... sold it for $10,000 AUD to a Hong Kong collector 😉 Used part proceeds to upgrade from m9 to m240. Kept the Summicron!
  4. jaques

    35mm 1.4 Summilux pre-asph

    I really like mine (infinity lock)- it just feels so good- it's a jewel. (with Oufro close up attachment)
  5. jaques

    Would you buy a used M9 today?

    if you can afford one- and want one- then I say go get one. The m9 is an excellent camera- i took so many great photos with mine. It does sound and look a bit old after you have owned the next variations- but what never gets old is the image quality. I kind of miss the m9 compared to my m240 in that regard- the images just looked so good right out of the camera with little need to process. M240 files need more tweaking in my experience. The M9 images just have a certain snappy pop.
  6. I can't remember what 700001 went for... but I owned # 800001 and managed to sell it for 10,000 AUD ;-)
  7. thanks for all the input guys. I think maybe the dot doesn't have to be removed- as I think the issue is left right- not up down? If it's only a few minutes job and so easy- I wonder how the Leica repair people can justify a quote of $250 to $400+?? I would like to learn how to do it myself- I'll look into that next week. i had to get by at this job over this weekend using my Fuji XT-1 (womadelaide music festival)- but hey- I am only using Leica M mount lenses. 2 more days of shooting to go. The camera guy definitely is qualified- Hasselblad trained and worked at Solms but mostly on Microscopes. He is one of only a very few camera techs globally to have his own Leica approved stamp for marking the wax on the older film cameras. perhaps I didn't explain his position clearly- he can remove the dot- but he said he has found the glue on the red dots of the new digital cameras hard to budge and that he couldn't guarantee not damaging the dot? he is getting on now and semi retired. I've always wanted to replace the red dot with a black one- so maybe now is my chance... assuming I can find a black dot.
  8. indeed- I think it's my only option... which for me is sad as I really love/prefer using the RF. Just rang around and I can get it done in Australia by the authorised Leica repair folks... $250 to $400+ AU- Ddepending on labor- (how does that compare to prices in Europe/USA?) plus postage, insurance. Money unfortunately I don't really have laying about... I should have known years ago that I am too poor to play around with Leica digital cameras. Buying one in the first instance was, for me, a massive stretch- I made it (sold 100 vintage cameras to do it). I also never bought a single new Leica lens- and exclusively use lenses from the 20th century- but maintaining one down the road was always a concern for me... now that day has come. Years ago I hoped by the time my Leica m started to fall apart some other manufacturer would have made a cheaper M mount digital RF... unfortunately that still hasn't happened. what annoys me is that there is no obvious reason the RF went out of alignment. I've always treated the camera very carefully- it's never been dropped. I had the same issue happen once on an M6- the RF just went way out of whack seemingly all by itself. Luckily I was in Bangkok on a trip and was able to get that repaired for $50 or something from memory the same day I noticed it. It's sad that the RF mechanisms are so delicate- and can't seem to handle even the lightest handling. Twice I purchased new M digital cameras (m9 and first m240) and they arrived with the RF out- and were then sent back and repaired (m9- took months) or replaced (m240) In both cases it seems the RF was knocked out just by being shipped from the factory in Solms to the Australian dealer.
  9. Havn't used my camera much for a while- picked it up today and the RF seems out of whack. When I focus at infinity the RF patch seem to cross over by a small fraction- now all shots seem out of focus at all distances- and regardless of what lens I try. This is Super annoying as I have to use the camera for a job over the next 4 days. No time to get it repaired... I might be stuck using the EVF the whole time. I am in Australian and the idea of sending the camera (long out of warranty) to Germany for a service sounds both slow and expensive. What are my options? I have a local camera tech who worked extensively on film leica cameras- he says he can do it- but that he has difficulty removing the red dot to get at the adjustment screw without damaging the red dot... I am not sure if I should trust him to work on the camera- but at the same time I am too poor to send it to Solms...
  10. jaques

    35mm Summicron V3 on M240

    the version one with goggles is crazy sharp- Ive had the v1, v2 and v3. V1 is sharpest:
  11. jaques

    Best lens ever for ergonomics

    ha ha- this is too easy- there is only one lens made by Leica- and only one copy of it in the world as far as I know: It's the v3 50mm summicron 'safari' edition with unique focus lever!
  12. jaques

    Poster With All Leica M Lenses - Ever

    wow! I'm just amazed that I actually own more that 13% of all these lenses! And not one of them made this century!
  13. jaques

    Nikon Nikkor 85mm f2 with adapter?

    I use Nikkor lenses on my M240 a lot- and I just use cheap adapters off ebay- they are generally fine.
  14. jaques

    Should I have my lens coded?

    with a 90mm lens- my understanding is their are no real corrections applied by the camera - so coding is less important. However if you put a 90 on the camera and the camera is manually set to 50 or below- the images will have noticeable 'anti-vignetting' (?) as in- they will be whiter at the edges. So be sure to turn lens coding off or set it to 90 before you put it on.
  15. jaques

    Travel with Noctilux?

    well hear it one more time: it's HEAVY and HUGE- for a Leica shooter. The reason I shoot Leica is primarily the camera size to image quality ratio. Every year I shoot at a music festival alongside a lot of pro photographers. Many of them carry two or even three huge DSLR's- with massive heavy lenses. They have backpacks, belts and all kinds of contraptions to help them deal with their gear. I have my leica on a strap and a few lenses in my pockets. After a full day of wondering around even my little leica feels a bit heavy to me. I can't imagine how those other people suffer under their loads... and I don't want to. ;-). There are certain shots I just can't get with my set up- that the others get easily- but I don't care too much. Let them take those shots. For me traveling light and small is the name of the game. There are certain shots I get that I don't think they can easily get- discretion is often an advantage. Most times I leave the Noctilux at home due to the weight and size and extreme narrow DOF.