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  1. I know this has been covered in a variety of posts, but until Leica fix the issue with a firmware update I’m looking for what different solutions users are deploying, and it might be helpful to keep this issue under a common topic. Today was my first ‘full day’ of street shooting since I acquired my CL and the wandering focus point was particularly annoying as it often defaulted to the bottom left of the screen/viewfinder; why is this? I understand that you can reposition it by tapping the LCD screen, but I prefer to use the EVF and until you view, you don’t know where the focus point
  2. I just purchased a CL (coming from a Nikon 35mm film system) and am looking for a good starting point for setting up profiles. I've seen reference to Jono's recommendations but for the life of me cannot locate the actual settings. Any suggestions here?
  3. I haven't got my CL yet, but not being technically savvy, I know I will be asking: How do I do this? How do I do that? I don't think I'll be alone. I am sure that fellow CL'ers will chip in with solutions. Ask away. I hope the moderator will pin this thread.
  4. Has anybody used any arca-swiss type L-bracket on the CL? Alain.
  5. I've had great results with the new Profoto A1, which is an event shooter's dream flash, beautiful light, massive capacity, and instantaneous flash recycling. I realize there are many Profoto haters out there, but for my event shooting, I've been extremely pleased with the A1 on a Canon as well as on a flash bracket using a Profoto Sony trigger. I'm using a Leica CL as a backup (small, light, wonderful quality TL lenses, excellent higher ISO performance) and wanted to see how the Profoto A1 would work (in manual mode, of course) on the CL. According to Profoto, all you need is a flash sho
  6. Well - it's a long time since a love affair was so brief. I've been interested in working with the CL, but after a month or so of playing I've come to the conclusion it's not for me. I've tried the TL 23 18-55 and 55-135, but in the end didn't really enjoy them. I can see how some will love them, but they just don't meet my needs. Part of the issue is that the camera with lenses mounted ends up being BULKIER than my Ms. OK I know they're mostly zooms so you have many FLs in one lens, but even the 23mm (especially with a hood on) feels huge compared with the M10 + 35 summicron asph. Th
  7. sieh da: https://www.fotointern.ch/archiv/2018/01/06/die-leica-cl-im-harten-praxisvergleich-mit-der-sl/
  8. So, I got my new CL. I always buy leather cases for my cameras to protect them. It looks like Leica's case for the CL won't be available until the Spring. That sucks! I wrote to Zhou and he has no plans to make one. Does anybody know if any third party is making, or is planning to make, a case for the camera? Thanks! Marc
  9. Perhaps we could collect links to reviews: Jonathan Slack Ingo Cordes Andy Westlake Sarah M Lee
  10. Perhaps this topic had been addressed beforehand. I would like to know if these batteries can be used for CL: The battery is branded as DiviPower made by iCm Photography (China) - sold as compatible Panasonic DMW-BLC12PP rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for Panasonic Lumix cameras. They are rated at 7.4V 2500mAh, higher than Leica's battery BP-DC12 rated at 7.2V 1200mAh. They are priced at 20% of the original. But I am not sure if the extra 0.2V will be OK for the CL circuitry? Thanks for your advice and thoughts. Benedict.
  11. Interested to note that the DNGS available to download from here: http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/leica_cl_review show up as over 43MB files. This compares with the M10 files which show as around 22MB. I also note that the CL files are 6000x4000 and the M10 files are 5976x3922. Given the APS-C camera's smaller sensor, naively I thought that it would produce a smaller file than the M10 despite having the same nominal resolution. Is anyone able to explain? Having looked at the image quality of the RAW I've taken the plunge and managed to buy the last CL body that Manchester Leica
  12. I see that this image is normal posting size. By any chance did you figure out what the issue is with some members' photos being compressed? Mine are still being shrunk, and it takes much of the pleasure away from participating in this community.
  13. Has anyone experimented with mounting the 28PC R lens on the CL with the R adapter? While the crop makes it say 42mm equivalent, would it also have extended shift due to the smaller sensor? I think it shifts some 12mm, and that might be pretty interesting.
  14. Looking at a preowned CL. Anybody know how to bring up the shutter count? Appreciate it.
  15. Just wanted to thank the community for all the great threads on the CL thread. I just made a deal to trade my Q for CL kit (18mm F2.8) + some cash to me. I will play with the 18 since it came with the kit... but may wind up going to the 23 F2. For anyone interested here is why, and I gave it a ton of thought. I really do love my Q PROS: 1. Interchangeable lenses. 2. Same mount as SL. I already have several SL lenses. 3. Smaller size. 4. Q is due for an update. CONS: 1. Crop sensor, which limits DOF. 2. No macro... which I don;t really use anyway. Thoughts??
  16. I wonder anyone knows about the image delay and jiggling when panning the CL, I find the image delay/jiggling is very sever, therefore, it is only suitable for stationery type of photograph, not at all moving images, or tracing a subject... Do your CLs have this issue, or it is a setting issue? Or it is because that I am only able to use M-lenses?
  17. Hello dear CL owners! In my CL I noticed that the display warms up very quickly, more than other cameras (I had in the past). It's nothing dramatic, but in warm weather it's already noticeably warm. Do you make the same experience with your camera? Thanks a lot and a good week. Andreas
  18. Apologies if this has been discussed before. For those with more technical knowledge than me, is it even possible for Leica to add Bulb mode to the CL? I was trying to do some slow shutter landscape and was frustrated by the limitation of 30 sec shutter. Thanks.
  19. Hi All, My first post here, I've only been lurking since I don't have a Leica, yet. I've been contemplating a Leica, hoping to get some friendly advises whether a used CL is a good buy, or a used M 262, and a couple of prime lenses for them. A bit of background. My first real camera was a Yashica rangefinder with a 41mm lens, a gift from my aunt when I was going overseas to study. I shot thousands of slides with it, well, that was my only camera. Looking back, I like the 41mm focal length, and to this day, I still don't shoot at 50mm. I shot for a while with a Nikon D300 and
  20. Dass Digitalkameras Probleme mit kräftigen Rottönen haben, ist ja nichts Neues. Hieran habe ich mir die Zähne ausgebissen - das JPG aus der Kamera und das in Photoshop geöffnete DNG, hier wieder als JPG abgespeichert, waren einfach nicht ineinander überzuführen. Die Wahrheit liegt wohl irgendwo in der Mitte. Das Rot war jedoch gelblich, nicht Richtung Magenta und ganz und gar nicht matt. Irgendwie wirkt das JPG durchzeichneter. Weiß jemand, wie man das in den Griff bekommt? Ich habe es mit allen mir bekannten Methoden versucht (Kanäle, selektive Farbkorrektur, Farbtemperatur), ging einfach nic
  21. Hi Guys, love the SF40 which you all had suggested. I love the flash, however i shoot in Afperture Priority and it seems that the flash only sincs at 1/60 . I also use Auto ISO, is there a way to get HSS on this flash and my CL ? I could not find a setting in the menu. Thank you in advance as always for your great help. I have just gotten the 35/1.4 which i would hope would give me a larger range on the flash.
  22. Hi guys, I wanted to add a CL to my Leica SL (to have a second body) Have you tried the SL lenses on the CL? How they work? (image quality, autofocus, etc.) I have 50SL and 90SL... Thanks in advance!
  23. I have had an M10 for over a year and recently purchased a CL as a backup. I love the CL but why oh why couldn't they put the 'Play' button in the middle like on the M10? Every time I want to view an image I press the 'Function' instead of 'Play'! I'd disable the function button completely if I could. Ok, I'll calm down now. Great little camera though!
  24. Just curious... Have any of you had an SL... got tired of the weight of the SL glass, and have now gone CL completely?? I had both a Q and SL... with a ton of SL glass. I recently traded my Q for a CL 18mm KIt + some cash. I then added a 23. I just sold some of my SL glass... the 90-280 and 50 SL. I really love the SL and it's IQ, but I'm finding the CL a pleasure to carry around (just like the Q was). To me, the CL is basically an interchangeable lens Q. Yes, I would love if it was FF, but then the glass would be bigger. I don't see myself selling the SL...at least not ye
  25. I just received the very nice Korean-made LIM Thumb Grip for the CL, which appears to look identical to the Leica-branded CL Thumb Grip, and, is priced ⅓ less. Good enough for me. Color perfectly matches the CL, fit is excellent, and gives some added thumb support to hold the CL with more stability. Highly recommended.
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