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Found 52 results

  1. Hmmm! I have just spent nearly an hour trying to resize each of five photos to fit as close to the .49MB limit as possible. The first two I have posted look terrible compared to the originals. There must be a better way. If there are instructions on the forum on how to do this better, could someone point them to me please? I wont post any more pics until I get this figured out properly.
  2. I haven't got my CL yet, but not being technically savvy, I know I will be asking: How do I do this? How do I do that? I don't think I'll be alone. I am sure that fellow CL'ers will chip in with solutions. Ask away. I hope the moderator will pin this thread.
  3. Looking at a preowned CL. Anybody know how to bring up the shutter count? Appreciate it.
  4. So, I got my new CL. I always buy leather cases for my cameras to protect them. It looks like Leica's case for the CL won't be available until the Spring. That sucks! I wrote to Zhou and he has no plans to make one. Does anybody know if any third party is making, or is planning to make, a case for the camera? Thanks! Marc
  5. I know this has been covered in a variety of posts, but until Leica fix the issue with a firmware update I’m looking for what different solutions users are deploying, and it might be helpful to keep this issue under a common topic. Today was my first ‘full day’ of street shooting since I acquired my CL and the wandering focus point was particularly annoying as it often defaulted to the bottom left of the screen/viewfinder; why is this? I understand that you can reposition it by tapping the LCD screen, but I prefer to use the EVF and until you view, you don’t know where the focus point is, by the time you’ve recentred it a ‘decisive moment’ can be missed. How do you guys overcome the issue?
  6. Didn't get much attention during photokina: The Leica CL has a new firmware update: » Leica CL Version 2.1 (Download) Details and installation instructions The improvements: NEW: Compatible with the new Leica FOTOS app Connect your smartphone to your Leica camera NEW: QR Code for all Leica Cameras Easy pairing of smartphone and Leica cameras. NEW: 1-Click Connection with FN-Button WLAN starts without submenus on FN-button. NEW: Fixed WLAN name and password No submenus for setting name and password. NEW: No submenus for mode settings No submenus for setting a connection mode.
  7. Perhaps this topic had been addressed beforehand. I would like to know if these batteries can be used for CL: The battery is branded as DiviPower made by iCm Photography (China) - sold as compatible Panasonic DMW-BLC12PP rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for Panasonic Lumix cameras. They are rated at 7.4V 2500mAh, higher than Leica's battery BP-DC12 rated at 7.2V 1200mAh. They are priced at 20% of the original. But I am not sure if the extra 0.2V will be OK for the CL circuitry? Thanks for your advice and thoughts. Benedict.
  8. Well - it's a long time since a love affair was so brief. I've been interested in working with the CL, but after a month or so of playing I've come to the conclusion it's not for me. I've tried the TL 23 18-55 and 55-135, but in the end didn't really enjoy them. I can see how some will love them, but they just don't meet my needs. Part of the issue is that the camera with lenses mounted ends up being BULKIER than my Ms. OK I know they're mostly zooms so you have many FLs in one lens, but even the 23mm (especially with a hood on) feels huge compared with the M10 + 35 summicron asph. The other issue is that compared with full frame I just wasn't subjectively satisfied with the image results from APS-C. High ISO was no where near what I can get with the M10 and I wasn't happy with the results I was seeing on screen or paper. Good, but not quite good enough. After experimenting, I also didn't feel there was any point in putting M lenses on the CL - it seemed beside the point, and if I need EVF focusing I use either LV or the Visoflex 020. If I want longer I'll use the R 80-200 f4 or I'll use my Canon system. So, current plan is they're all going off to Ffordes and I'm getting a used Canon 70-300 f4-f5.6 (£760!!) to go with the 5D3 for those occasions when I know I'll need reach and IS. Bye-bye CL forum - back to the M10
  9. Interested to note that the DNGS available to download from here: http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/leica_cl_review show up as over 43MB files. This compares with the M10 files which show as around 22MB. I also note that the CL files are 6000x4000 and the M10 files are 5976x3922. Given the APS-C camera's smaller sensor, naively I thought that it would produce a smaller file than the M10 despite having the same nominal resolution. Is anyone able to explain? Having looked at the image quality of the RAW I've taken the plunge and managed to buy the last CL body that Manchester Leica Centre had in stock. I look forward to playing with it over the next few weeks and will post back to the forum.
  10. sieh da: https://www.fotointern.ch/archiv/2018/01/06/die-leica-cl-im-harten-praxisvergleich-mit-der-sl/
  11. I've had great results with the new Profoto A1, which is an event shooter's dream flash, beautiful light, massive capacity, and instantaneous flash recycling. I realize there are many Profoto haters out there, but for my event shooting, I've been extremely pleased with the A1 on a Canon as well as on a flash bracket using a Profoto Sony trigger. I'm using a Leica CL as a backup (small, light, wonderful quality TL lenses, excellent higher ISO performance) and wanted to see how the Profoto A1 would work (in manual mode, of course) on the CL. According to Profoto, all you need is a flash shoe/foot with a single center pin, which the CL has. But no matter what configuration I try (and, yes, with the manual switch on the A1 turned on), the flash will not fire. Leica's regular SF40 and 60 flashes work just fine, so I know that flash functionality isn't a problem. Any one have any suggestions?
  12. Has anybody used any arca-swiss type L-bracket on the CL? Alain.
  13. I did what I thought was an interesting "shoot out" this past Sunday in my back garden. I compared the following: Leica CL with 18-56 TL zoom set to 22mm, f/4 Leica CL with 21mm Summilux-M, f/4 Leica CL with 21mm Super Elmar M, f/4 Leica CL with 11-23 TL zoom set to 22mm, f/4.4 (wide open at this focal length) Leica M10 with 35mm Summilux M FLE, f/5.6 Leica SL with 24-90mm Vario Elmar set to 34mm, f/5.6 Cameras were tripod mounted. A shutter delay of 2s was used to reduce the chances of blur from camera movement. Image stabilization was turned off with the SL. ISO was set to base value. Same point of focus was used in all cases. The objective was to see whether there were any obvious differences in image quality on a real, three dimensional subject when shooting under optimum conditions. The focal ratios chosen were to provide optimum image quality for the lens and to ensure depth of field differences between formats were minimized. The lighting varied slightly from minute to minute since those was outdoors, but all images were shot at approximately the same time under overcast conditions. I repeated the experiment from a slightly longer subject distance to get essentially the same framing with a different focal length: Leica CL with 18-56 TL zoom set to 35mm, f/4.9 (wide open at this focal length) Leica CL with 35mm Summilux-M FLE, f/4 Leica CL with 35mm Summilux TL, f/4 Leica M10 with 50mm APO Summicron M, f/5.6 Leica SL with 24-90mm Vario Elmar set to 50mm, f/5.6 End result? At optimum aperture and when one's technique is good, I really couldn't find a consistent difference among any of these lenses. Frankly, the biggest challenge was in getting the point of focus the same in all images such that depth of field was distributed evenly in front of and behind the point of focus. In one case in particular, I simply missed focus a bit (despite it being an AF lens--probably wasn't careful enough in my selection point). Some lenses had slightly different field curvature characteristics. There were very slight differences in edge of field sharpness. Very slight differences in color separation on fine details. That's about it. Could I tell the difference in noise characteristics between the two full frame cameras and the APS-C camera? Not at base ISO I couldn't. Maybe if there had been some sky in the field of view or some other really smooth surface I could have. Maybe not. What about dynamic range? Not under overcast conditions where all three cameras were capable of capturing the entire range of tones without any clipping. Were there differences in how out-of-focus areas were rendered? Sure, but it would be nearly impossible to pick "winners" and "losers" with the particular garden scene I was using--no bokeh balls or specular highlights for evaluation. What about color cast or saturation? Well, I've already got my M10 dialed in the way I want it, and the SL and CL were actually closely matched, so the colors came out very nearly identical with the largest factor being the slightly variable lighting conditions. Certainly, I wouldn't be able to pick out a lens/camera combo that had "better" or even "different" colors. Of course, I wasn't pushing any boundaries here. The comparison was at optimum aperture for each lens or very nearly so. The lighting and dynamic range were easy to handle. There was ample light for shooting at base ISO. The tripod minimized or eliminated camera blur. The subject was static. I was taking my time so that focus wouldn't be an issue (and even so, I missed one slightly--just enough to be visible at 100% magnification on my 5K monitor). What does this tell me? Nothing shocking, really. I would choose my lens and camera based on size/weight, field of view needed, control over depth of field needed, available light, need for autofocus, and need for image stabilization. All the combinations above are equally capable if you aren't pushing the edges too much. We all worry more than we probably need to about image quality, lens rendering, sharpness, and similar factors. Frankly, the worst image I created from a technical perspective was using one of the best lenses--the 35mm Summilux TL. Even when I was trying to be careful and really nail the "technique" for any factors that could impact image quality, a small difference in focus point was the single largest factor in sharpness! I'd post the images, but frankly there is no point. At web sizes and with JPG compression, they are identical.
  14. I find the rendition of CL DNG images using the standard embedded profile on Lightroom for the CL rather garish and more suitable for a picture postcard. I am using a 2016 (Touchbar) 15" Macbook Pro with a calibrated screen. This is particularly the case if using a polarising filter. They are not quite so bright after conversion to JPEG's but still not quite to my taste. Capture One is somewhat better using the DNG file neutral profile but if for example I use the SL profile, it goes garish again (Phase One in their usual fashion have no CL profile at present for C1 V10 - I don't know about V.11 as I have not bought it). Hopefully this is something Leica might improve on a firmware update. See example below taken in Speightstown pier and fishmarket in Barbados, three weeks ago, I think probably with polarising filter (Hoya Fusion MC 52mm Circular Pola filter). Wilson
  15. I am personally not there yet but I was wondering whether anyone is using the Leica CL as their only or main camera and what they were shooting before. Also, whether you are missing anything from your previous platform. Or the areas in which you feel the CL is still severely lacking.
  16. Greetings, If you'd be buying a CL over again, would you buy the "Handgrip CL" for it, or not? As well, would you chose the "EP-CL Thumbs Up Grip" for it, or the "handgrip"? If you could only get one of those two extra items.
  17. Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone else is having a problemi with the new flash and wireless controller. My Leica CL doesn't fire the flash. It doesn't work it TTL more neither in manual. The SC1 has the same issue. What is your experience with the flash? Thanks for the help.
  18. Perhaps we could collect links to reviews: Jonathan Slack Ingo Cordes Andy Westlake Sarah M Lee
  19. I just purchased a CL (coming from a Nikon 35mm film system) and am looking for a good starting point for setting up profiles. I've seen reference to Jono's recommendations but for the life of me cannot locate the actual settings. Any suggestions here?
  20. I see that this image is normal posting size. By any chance did you figure out what the issue is with some members' photos being compressed? Mine are still being shrunk, and it takes much of the pleasure away from participating in this community.
  21. Remote beach - fishing communities, City and townships, remote rural areas, Tourist spot Victoria Falls, Safari through Botswana - wildlife. The luggage restriction will be down to 15 kg per person on some stretches, including handluggage and cameras. So: Focal lenghts from 24 equ. to 800 equ., at least one fast lens, redundancy, two bodies... Not too heavy and compact. My solution will be Panasonic GX8, 15, 25 DG Summiluxes, 100-40 DG Vario-Elmar, CL, 18-56, 55-135, Summilux-M 24, five spare batteries , two chargers, SF40, odds and ends. All will fit easily into a compact Hadley Presstop and weigh under 8 kg :). It is a kit that I have been waiting for for many years. If there had been a compact TL 100-400 the Panasonic would have been replaced by a second CL body.
  22. There have been many conversations here and elsewhere regarding battery life. I thought I would share my recent experience. I have just spent an interesting, if tiring day pounding the halls at Photokina. I had with me my CL, 11-23 & 18-55 lenses & three batteries. The camera was set to record raw+jpg (small). I used the viewfinder only with minimal chimping & diving into the menu. The first battery lasted all day at Photokina, and even into the following day walking around Cologne. Once the photos were in Lightroom a quick count revealed 462 exposures before the battery symbol started flashing red. To my mind, very impressive.
  23. Die Leica CL wird bald in Silber erhältlich sein.
  24. The Leica CL will be available in silver anodized finish soon.
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