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  1. I checked the printed manual and found the detailed sketch diagram (right side of page 40) shows -4 to +2 whilst the wordings under the heading DIOPTER SETTINGS on the left indicated +4 to -2. So the Quick Start Guide is correct. My personal conclusion. Cheers.
  2. Love this lens 90-280, ISO 50 1/400 f4.0 @280mm. Early morning light play on flower
  3. ISO 200 1/16000 f2.2 (bright morning sun)
  4. Still learning to understand this Thambar lens.....taken with SL in New Zealand Autumn ISO 200 1/640 f2.2
  5. These photos are fabulously pretty and have excellent IQ. I now must try out the M35 Lux FLE on the SL. I like the S 35 on the SL, but do not have the SL 35 Cron. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  6. After using 75 and 90 SL Cron, I share your experience they feel right in the hand. On a different point, anyone made a comparison between the 35 SL Cron and the 35 S Summarit with S/L adapter? It is clear the 35 S is almost the size of 50 SL Lux, so it is not light or small like the 35 SL Cron. But how about IQ and sharpness? Since 35 S is less constrain by the size? Appreciate if someone can share his experience
  7. Today, i downloaded the Leica Fotos Apps onto my iphone 7, and was able to register SL, CL and Q without any problem, but not successful M10P in first attempts. I asked my friend who helped me resolve the missing link - i need to update my FW to from Otherwise the M10P will not display the required QR code. So it is now registered and working. Hope this may help others who encounter the missing QR code in their M10P. cheers! Benedict
  8. Hi JC, Many thanks for sharing your experience on simulateous charging of both batteries. Indeed it is stated in the leaflet that the charger has 2 modes - Normal and Quick Charge. So my USB plug at 5V 2A will not trigger dual charge. It seems to need 9V 2A to go into QC mode. I now need to buy a USB plug that support QC2.0 or QC3.0 to get simultaneous charging. Every day I am learning new things! Benedict.
  9. My M10 nitecore charger arrived today. First impression: 1. larger than i had imagined. 2. the micro USB cable is detachable. 3 charging is sequential, one at a time, no problem detected so far. Personal conclusion: No real advantage over single slot charger other than no need to change battery after charging first of the two Cheers! Benedict
  10. I did not recall having such experience of noise or jitters. Out of curiosity, I just tried on my TL 55-135 on CL again, and it is quiet and smooth in both AF S and AF C modes. Very convenient in size/weight and pretty sharp with good IQ. Benedict
  11. Well, I guess I am fortunate to be on the right side. I have the SL, 240 & CL/Q Nitecore chargers, all working as they should be. I used a China made USB Travel charger that has output 5V 3A for 3 ports in total (Single port output rated at 2.4A). I have only used one port for charging, so far so good. My M10 Nitecore charger is in transit to me. Do hope it will be working as the previous 3 chargers I have. Benedict
  12. EUSe, For your convenience, I attached the photo from post#79 here I have acquired Elpro 1, 2, 3 & 4 (very economical) and will test them out when I get the opportunity. First I need to get some step down rings as these are 55mm. Benedict
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