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  1. It is not true that the Canon A1 doesn't work with the SL or CL. As the manual states on p. 23: "The A1 unit can be used on other camera brands in X-sync mode if the camera has a hot shoewithacentralpositionedsynccontact.Thisisstandardformostcamerastoday.In thismodethecamerawillbeafullmanualflashwithoutTTL-orHSScompatibility.Other functions that are controlled from the camera will also be disabled." I have successfully used the Canon version of the A1 on both an SL and CL in basic manual mode without problem. No TTL, no HSS, but the flash via its basic, manual mode works just fine
  2. I had time to test only the basic TTL. Had to jump on a flight to Hong Kong and finish a speech for a conference there. Will test more advanced features when I return next week. But so far, it looks like TTL, at least, is accurate. I will also test my i60A flashes (Sony and Fuji) when I get back--but I think they require firmware updates from Nissan. I sent my Fuji flash to them but have not received it back yet.
  3. The new nissin mg10 firmware (v5) has fixed the issue. The leica SC1 now does trigger the flash when the flash commander is fired from the hot shoe.
  4. I received this reply to Nissin about the same issue--particulary regarding the MG10. I have not tried the x-sync option yet. Nissin's reply: Thank you for your purchase of Nissin Flash. Since Leica SF C1 controller is a new product from Leica Company. Sorry for we have not the Compatibility information of your Leica controller work with our MG10 flash at this moment. There may have a need of the firmware update on our flash to support a new controller/commander We will pass your email to our Technical team to ask for further assist. At this moment, we would like to sug
  5. Thanks Gordon and Sillbeers. I've no problem at all with the SF60 (my original unit was defective). Regarding the SFC1 and the MG10, I, too, suspect firmware as the issue and have also written to Nissin. My question now is: whose firmware needs updating: the Nissan MG10 or the Leica SFC1 (which is an OEM product made by Nissan to Leica's spec)? If there were to be a firmware fix, which vendor should should I be lobbying for it? (I've already written to Nissan; they say 72 hours for normal replies.) Regarding the slave triggering--a very clever solution. I did something like this
  6. When the SCF-1 and SF60 flash originally shipped, I had a similar problem, but this was due to a defective SF60 flash which Leica replaced. I doubt that I have a defective MG10 as it works fine with the Sony A73. Again, I suspect that there is a firmware issue somewhere in the camera to flash technology chain. When the MG10 was originally announced, Nissin did imply that the Leica commander would trigger it, so my question relates to technology that the vendor indicated should work, not to some out of scope experiment on my part.
  7. I've just received Nissin's potato masher MG10 flash (Sony version). (The flash itself is not brand-specific; only the controller that shipped with the flash is.) The Sony version of the Nissan A10 commander works on camera triggering the MG10 on a Sony A73. And it looks like a great product (but be sure to order some 26550 Lion batteries to really unlock the power of the flash and avoid having to keep spare sets of 8 AAs around.) The Leica SCF-1 when paired with the MG10 will trigger the MG10 flash when the test button is pressed on the SCF-1 commander. So far, so good. But when the tri
  8. While I do like fine watches, as a customer of Leica photographic products, I wish they wouldn't dilute their corporate focus with bling. Leica has perennial problems shipping its photographic products in quantities sufficient to meet demand. Many of us wait months--even years--to receive products. "No, you can't have the lens you you've asked for since it is back ordered until Leica turns 150 and you can't have the lens you sent in for repair 3.5 years ago, but how about buying our new watch?" I'd hate to encourage more of this dilution of corporate attention, so, no, I wouldn't consider
  9. The latest (6/29) M10 firmware upgrade allows 4 minute exposure at base ISO. While not competitive with the best, this is still a welcome upgrade.
  10. Problem solved. Commander SFC1 was defective; my local dealer confirmed it and swapped it out. I was afraid I had messed up a setting, but that was not the case.
  11. I've had three repairs. One took six months for a new product (their SF 64 flash); two are still in limbo-including a defective, brand-new TL lens hood (defect is widely reported), the first is has been out for 3 years. Obviously, our mileage differs. I will contemplate contacting Leica but sending the SFC1 controller back to them is a total non-starter. I'll just return it to my dealer if nothing else works.
  12. Is that actually a thing? I've had a lens at Leica support for 3 years. Still no word on whether or not it is going to be fixed. This is a small, undercapitalize company. My experience so far is that it is non-existent. And, since the flash is new, I wondered if anyone else has had this problem. If I cannot figure it out in a day or two, I will return it to my dealer.
  13. My new SFC1 successfully paired with the SF60 flash. It fires when I press the test button. The flash itself fires on the SL's hot shoe. But when the SFC1 commander is placed in the hot shoe (same settings that fire the flash in the camera's hot shoe) nothing happens. Pressing the test button on the SFC1 triggers the flash, but the SL does not trigger the SFC1. (Shutter speed is was set at 80, well below sync maximum). The focus light on the SFC1 does come on when the shutter is pressed, so I know that the SL is communicating with the SFC1, but the flash doesn't fire. Pairing works and
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