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Found 35 results

  1. From a trip to France in 2015. Leica M9 + Zeiss 50mm Sonnar f1.5 Gerry
  2. TM1ka


    2403520ZM, Imperia (IT)
  3. Dear all, I am the happy owner of a M(240), and more recently a CL and SL. I am coming from over 15 years of film M. I like shooting the rangefinder camera though I find a huge difference between my almost 5 year old M and the most recent (for me: I got the CL last january and the SL in October) cameras in image quality as soon as I shoot over iso 1600. I almost never shoot the M in color over iso 1600 since I don’t like what I can get out of lightroom @iso 2500 or more in color. i also have trouble with color consistency in mixed (daylight + artificial) lighting with the M. on both issues I find the SL is far superior and even the CL. Do you share the same experience ? do you think the M10 is much better in those areas ? thanks for sharing your experience didier
  4. Taken yesterday at one of my favourite 'hunting' spots. Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit f2.5 @ 320 iso.
  5. I just wondered: Is the red color in this forum meant to symbolize the color in the Leica logo? The forum color is very nice, but the real Leica red is much more "old fashioned" and pale (100% magenta and yellow in CMYK).
  6. From the album: GFW_IG

    © © George Weir, 2018

  7. From the album: GFW_IG

    © © George Weir, 2018

  8. From the album: Street

    This is a series along a street very close to uptown Charlotte, NC. I was amazed at the old buildings still there with all the construction that is going on. It does not feel like it is close to uptown. Some were colorful, some just had great lighting and some had faded signs giving an indication of the past. Leica MD 262 with Summilux-M 28.

    © ©2018 David Knoble, All Rights Reserved

  9. Taken at the Akademie/RPS workshop in Bath, England 2017 Leica M9 + 35mm Summarit-M f2.5 Gerry
  10. From the album: Leica X-E

    Sunset in the countryside
  11. From the album: DJGR33R

    © DJGR33R

  12. OK, so I was shipped a 39mm Leitz IR filter (deep red, almost black) by mistake for a Leica UV/IR filter - and decided to keep it. Playing around, the first thing I noticed is that while the M8 replicates B&W infrared film quite nicely, color IR shots are nothing like color Ektachrome Infrared. They are either red all over, or, with a strong bias of the white balance towards the left (yellow, + green tint), a weak approximation of EIR shot without a filter - pastel purples, magentas and reds. Where were all the rich greens and cyans and flaming red foliage I remembered from shooting film EIR? You know, the colors the CIA would analyse to figure out the Soviet crop forecast, and so on. I've now figured out how to get those colors back - and it basically involves replicating how Kodak sensitized the three layers of EIR. What Kodak did was to mismatch the wavelength sensitivities of the layers to their color dyes, so that infrared light created a red image (cyan dye layer), red light created a green image (magenta dye layer), and green light created a blue image (yellow dye layer). Blue light affected all the layers, and created that purple look if no filter was used, so the normal way to shoot EIR was with either a yellow or a normal red filter (not IR-only) to block all blue light. So - what I've done is to shoot TWO exposures of these scenes - one with the Leitz IR-only filter, and one in "normal" RGB. I open the normal color shot in photoshop, and swap some color channels. Green channel gets copy/pasted into the blue channel, red channel gets copy/pasted into the green channel. Then I open the IR exposure, and copy THAT red channel and paste it to the red channel of the "normal" color image. So I've now got Infrared>red, red>green, green>blue. This replicates the look of EIR shot with a yellow filter - firey red grass and trees, cyan skies, and some neutral tones that look almost color-correct. For the look of EIR shot with a red filter (which produced IR and red images but no green exposure) I just take the additional step of filling the blue channel with black (no exposure). This gives the same intense red/yellow/green pallette. It takes a bit of further processing with "selective color" and "HSB" to get the colors precise, but that is pretty easy once the basic palette is in place. I figured this was M8-specific, even if it is a post-processing technique. Unless you do surgery on a DMR or D-Lux 4 to take out the IR filters, it doesn't apply to them. ------ P.S. You'll notice the clouds moved between the IR and normal color exposures, thus the cyan/red/white effect. I also shot this first set of pix hand-held, but it really requires a tripod for the two exposures to match - amazing how a fraction of an inche can change how things align even at 50-60 feet away!
  13. What number settings do you use for Hue Saturation and Luminance on M10? Also, do you mess with calibration settings - Red/Blue/Green Primary (Hue/Sat)? Did anyone do a custom color profile yet that they can upload here? Trying to get the right profile settings to be perfect in LR. Here's what I got using Adobe Standard (like it more than Leica profile):
  14. I have a question - is there any way to jpg files from Leica M8 (v 2.024) reminded jpg Leica M9? Will exposure to -2/3, color: medium (example?)? Please help. I love the colors jpg with the M9. What can I set in my M8? Has anyone tried, maybe some settings will resemble the saturation of the M9?
  15. Hi all, I am experimenting with custom colour profiles for T/TL, I am using Capture One as my raw editor, I liked the default profile for people and indoor shots, but I like more saturated look on landscapes and old town. I created the ICC profile for the Leica T, please give it a try and let me know your thoughts. LeicaT-Color Corrected.icm from Dropbox Thank you
  16. I'm starting a thread for anyone who would like to create, and share full color images by shooting three black and white photos of the same subject. The technique is called Trichrome Photography, and it was used to create the first color image in 1861. Here's some early examples http://tricrhomephoto.tumblr.com/ Creating a color image from three black and white photographs is done by using a different color filter in front of the lens for each exposer (Red, Green, and Blue.) When those three black and white color records are combined, a full color image is created. Today, the easy way to combine those three black and white color records, is with Photoshop. The highest quality Trichrome images are produced with a tripod, and a still object. However, interesting color effects can occur if there's movement between exposures. This technique can be done on film or digital cameras. As much as I consider myself a film enthusiast, I think the best black and white color records will come from Leica digital Mono cameras. Of course, Leica digital color cameras can be used, however they have a filter in front of the sensor to create color (possibly reducing detail.) Leica mono cameras do not have this filter, therefore possibly increasing the amount of information being recorded. With film cameras, the process is a bit more involved. There's the choice of what black and white film to use (slowest speed possible is best since three images will be layered on top of each other.) Processing of the film, then scanning of the film. Also, layering the three black and white color records together in a program like Photoshop may not be as precise, depending on the quality of the scans. The following link shows examples of Trichrome Photography today https://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/trichromes The following link shows a Trichrome created with a M6 http://www.pirate-photo.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=820 And a Youtube video on how to stack the three color records into one shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S28OUlavAvg The idea to start this thread came from two books I'm currently reading. "The Dawn of Technicolor 1915-1935," and "Technicolor Movies; The History of Dye Transfer Printing."
  17. Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good colour calibration profile or preset, for LR, for the M9 with the new-type sensor? Colour is indeed more of a matter of taste, but I think a generally-speaking "neutral" or "faithful" colour reproduction might perhaps be a good starting point for work from? Thanks a lot! Best, Rus
  18. Duisburg, Industrial Landscape Park North A location to explore and to let go your imagination Leica Q
  19. laowai_


    From the album: Walk around the Neighborhood

    © (C) 2016, Chris Scholz

  20. A few early spring photos
  21. Yesterday in Florence.... Leica M8 Rokkor 90mm f4 Ciao Giacomo
  22. Attached a detail of a out of camera jpeg (DNG is identical) showing chromatic aberration. Is this normal and if yes, how do I get rid of?
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