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Hiya Stefan. What are you curious about ? I don't see why this is of interest in releatoin to the M9 as any camera can be used to create HDR, even form just one exposure.


My take is that Hdr images take many different forms and most of them horrendously bad I hasten to add. Do bear in mind that successful HDR images do NOT look like they are hdr.


I have some M8 shots on my site that use HDR but you wouldn't know it. They are not M9 and I didn't need to bracket to create them. PM me if you are interested in seeing.

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Well, for one I wonder about the difficulty (or lack thereof) in processing 3 or more uncompressed RAW files now that we're at 14bit and FF sensor. LR had previously rejected some of my panos as being "too large." Also is exposure bracketing working smoothly -- any glitches in writing multiple large files (I definitely experienced "lockup" w/ M* on continuous).


Thanks. Also see my PM on techinical question.



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