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  1. Interesting that a simlar outcome is reported by @Overgaard. He loves the monochroms but could not get any native B&W image printed in magazines. So he reverted to color but can convert to B&W as needed. I enjoy the M Monochroms immensely... The idea of a Q2M is weird to me and the fact that many people get it shows one's assumptions are for one's own benefit first. But, apparently you can now shoot native B&W movies? Previously you could only do that with the MM 246.
  2. Very lovely photos @JCR33!
  3. The 0.95 makes the look unique and not even a Summilux compares I guess. The whole oeuvre of Thorsten @Overgaard is indicative of its character. Interestingly Thorsten's latest work is with the M 50 Summilux (he's firmly a 50 person, not a 35 one).
  4. Guys you cannot be serious. Nobody pixel-peeps comparing the mighty Noctilux 0.95 to anything. You just enjoy it. Nothing compares to it. Nothing replaces it. You either have it or you don't. As simple is that. I had mine on an M10 at an AI conference a few years ago, when a very polite Finnish startup founder came up to me and asked, with a lovely Finnish accent, "can I poke you with a knife and take this from you"? On a slightly more serious note, one of the first things I've done upon receiving my first SL, the SL2 right after it came out, was to mount the Noctilux on it and be
  5. I must admit people squeezing every cent out of a deal are annoying and Italian craftsmen could be emotional. Nothing unexpected here.:)
  6. Sigma 85/1.4 is great for kids, and the videos you get are amazing, much closer than a Q2. I've not found a dramatic lacking vs SL APO 50 for instance. I think it highly correlates with SL preference: M shooters like SL as it's thoroughly compatible with Ms. Outside of a pancake, you can't pack an MF system small. With the SL, you can if you stick to M lenses with some Sigmas, such as 24/3.5 and the latest 28-70 zoom. I'd take at least one prime too... The culprit is usually the 16-35 zoom, so great for landscapes but rather weighty.
  7. The small and beautifully crafted Sigma 24/3.5 is indeed a very refreshing lens for SL, it feels a bit like an M with it.
  8. I prefer the compactness of M, but the video and easy AF and zooms and APOs make SL a keeper. Likewise I’m thinking of downsizing from all MF (except possibly 907x+45p) for travel. But SL is bulky with any zooms but the latest Sigma 28-70. The APOs are heavy…. So always hard to choose what to take on a trip, esp. alongside an M. But can share M lenses…
  9. Every time I stumble upon this thread title, I hear a voice, "your mother is an average performer," addressed to nobody in particular...:)
  10. As US teenagers would say, we need AF fast af!:)
  11. Last time I checked, an M takes only one lens (it's not a stereo camera). At a time.
  12. As Robbie Williams said, Party like a Russian -- end of discussion!
  13. Lighter than the 24-70 Leica/Sigma, but not the 28-70 Sigma. I've not tried the Pana, how's f/4 affect the style? I guess you can't do as much bokeh as we all seem to like here?:)
  14. 24-70 is ~350g heavier than 28-70. So you probably can feel the difference between 28-70 and 24-90. I notice that 28-70 is tangibly lighter than an APO prime of the same size (they are almost exactly the same barrel size and both take 67mm filters). Leica 24-90: 1140g Sigma 24-70: 835g, Leica 24-70: 856g Sigma 28-70: 470g Leica SL APO 50mm: 740g, SL APO 35mm: 750g Panasonic 24-105: 680g
  15. Sigma 28-70 is a substantial advance in portability. It's a highly logical next step if you travel with your SL. The L mount alliance roadmap is exciting.
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