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  1. I think it was the original 45 that was so flabbergasting. The later lenses were quieter.
  2. That / was worth $4K at the launch of P and R
  3. Do you prefer M9 colors to M10/R as well? If so, how'd you compare the M9 colors to M11?
  4. Electric eFfin' Vehicle too?!
  5. Don't know who those people are, if you read what I wrote, you know that I tried M11 at launch and brought home a card full of images. Some snaky electronic shutter ones. I've not liked the sound of the shutter, and I didn't see much improvement over M10-R in image quality. That's where it stands still. For my needs, M10-R is absolutely sufficient. Also, off topically, totally agree with Gordon: Looking forward to X2D!
  6. For me, upgrading from M10 to M10R solved the blown highlights problem, and I love the M10R better for it.
  7. I've not owned M11 yet, just tried it in the store, but I must add that the best Leica images, from any camera, by far, that I love every single time, come from my S 007, with any of its lenses. Nothing compares. It's just huge, so not suitable for travel, but impossible to part with because of the dreamy look.
  8. I just got the last properly rebuilt Contarex Super on this planet. It makes a fantastic symphony of sounds when activated, the mirror going, the aperture closing, the shutter shuttering. You can't beat that. An old Hassy just makes a giant flap sound that scares all flora and fauna.
  9. Haven's you seen "Green is the new Black" on Netflix?
  10. This is a forum for everyone, and there are many strong opinions being expressed every day. Happiness is not the only mode we use here. There are preferences and requirements that users express, across many issues, and since attention to design and ergonomics around photography are important to the perfectionists here, many things are discussed in terms of differences, lacking, or even annoyance. As usual, it's easy to skip posts that one's not interested in, especially when one's established an easy way to do so for themselves.
  11. Heck it will be a Leica-branded leather iPhone case!
  12. They'll throw the shut book at eshutterers and tell them to shut it!
  13. Yeah. If you lament the baseplate, lament the shutter!
  14. Thinking of the stapler sound M11 makes and the imperfect eshutter, we are forgetting that the next generation of eshutters, the perfect ones, will obviate mechanical ones altogether. Imagine that what that camera will feel like. You can already get a preview with Pixii. It's a solid body with a great shutter release, that makes a prerecorded click sound. It feels weird. Enjoy your mechanical shutter while you can. Only film cameras will still have those in a few years.
  15. Welcome to the club! Many new users will pick the latest model and this is great. M11 is a great camera, no doubt, these debates are for those who have the previous ones and are probably minor compared to the joy of switching to any Leica.
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