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  1. I can’t speak for close focus distance but on the SL2-S the far focus distance when it shows infinity, I find things at infinity (i.e. stars) are sharp.
  2. Just based on my observations of the internal lens design, the 75 and 90 share a similar optical design, same with the 35 and 50 so they got released fairly close to each other. The 28 shares more similarities with the 35 than it does with the 24. The 21 and 24 are similar but not quite as similar as the 35/50 and 75/90 so they may require more development effort. Also, I expect it’s easier to design and manufacture a cutting edge tele prime and standard prime then it is to design and manufacture a cutting edge wide and super-wide prime so Leica probably chose to start on the tele end first to
  3. For the bag, have you considered getting a large climbing chalk bag? They’re usually padded and have a draw string to close up. Plus they are cheap, plentiful, and easy to find. They also come in all sorts of different sizes. I would imagine you would probably want something more geared towards bouldering which are larger. This one comes with a roll-top closure: https://www.flashed.com/shop/product/chalk-me-up-before-you-gogo/
  4. Check out the RRS plate: https://www.reallyrightstuff.com/bq2-lpg
  5. You might want to make sure your problematic profile has Enhanced Live View mode disabled. ELV only kicks in when its darker but when it does kick in, focus peaking is disabled.
  6. The optical formula is designed by Konica-Minolta but there’s more to a lens design then the optical formula. Leica still needs to design the mechanical structure, motors, electronics, housing, and all the manufacturing processes that go into making a lens. An analogy would be that the optical formula is like an ingredient list for a dish but there’s more to a recipe than the ingredient list. And even if you had the exact recipe from a Michelin star restaurant, it doesn’t guaranty that your dish will look and taste the same as what you will get from the restaurant.
  7. I should also note that I was using Kingston React Plus 256 GB UHS-II which should be able to write continuously at 260 MB/s.
  8. Yes, that was what I was using.
  9. Interval time is the time between the start of each exposure and not between the end of the previous exposure to the start of the next exposure. I’ve only experienced the “some frames may be lost” but that was after shooting continuous 1s exposure with 1s between shots while the battery was getting low and this was after shooting the camera in intervalometer mode for 5-10 minutes. I’m curious when you saw that message, what the battery level was. I should note however, I was using the SL2-S so the files are much smaller.
  10. Two problems. 1. Milky way is below the horizon in the winter 2. You have a quarter moon that rise at 11pm in Texas during Thanksgiving which will reduce visibility of dimmer stars
  11. Contract manufacturers are used by many industries. Very very few companies are vertically integrated these days. Merida makes bike frames for the top end Specialized bikes that go for $20k+. Magna builds cars for BMW. Luxshare manufactures Apple Watches and iPhones. Foxconn makes phones for Google. And almost all clothing brands outsources their manufacturing to contract manufacturers in Asia. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a $30 t-shirt or a $1000 technical climbing jacket, it’s still made in Asia by a contract manufacturer.
  12. The difference between a reputable brand and a run-of-the-mill company is that the reputable brands take their quality control seriously regardless of who actually makes the product. Do people differentiate between an iPhone made by Foxconn versus an iPhone made by Luxshare, or any other contract manufacturer that Apple uses? No, and iPhone is an iPhone. I don’t see why Leica can’t do the same. Yeah, the lens is made in Japan by a contract manufacturer but it still has to pass all the quality control requirements that Leica first agreed to. If those quality control measures are identical
  13. Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DG DN for the Aurora and Leica 16-35mm SVE for the glaciers.
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