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A second hand M8 - waste of money?

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You are welcome to send me $1000 any time you like, if you aren't that worried about it


If you going to follow me around for 2yrs and take pictures?

:D then we done! haha

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Just small side note. Why 300-400-500 or even 1000 USD, makes any difference? Except as a sport (Like I buy this cheaper then you, you are sucker!!!). Lets assume that expected life of camera say 2y-3y... its like what? few cents a day? Just my few 0.01c


Lets see, whether USD 1000 make any difference:

used M8 vs new -1000

mint 24 Elmarit vs new -1000

mint cron 28 vs new -1000

mint cron 35 vs new -1000

mint lux 50 asph vs new -1000

mint cron 75 vs new -1000

mint cron aa 90 vs new -1000


With the life expectancy of the lenses being 50 years plus, the savings would only be tiny fractions of a cent/day. Yet, they matter to me. As long as it lasts, "mint" can be replaced with "new" ex UK dealer (which I did with a second M8 and the Cron 28).

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