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  1. I use Upstraps (now Journey Camera). Still have one of the older models from 15 years ago on a body. Just got one of the newer models for my M10-R BP. Nothing fancy or boutique, but the key thing is they don't slip off the shoulder, no matter how much you relax it! So a lot less one sided shrugging going on. For me a strap is ergonomics, comfort, and safety first, fashion second (or not at all). https://journeycamera.com/camera-carry-system/small-f-friendship-pad-upstrap
  2. Nope. It's for the Sony market primarily, but costs Sigma pennies on the dollar to also offer it in an L mount as they are so close.
  3. Most electronic companies are tight lipped about releases. As they should be. Technologies change, release schedules change, bugs come up, the market changes, etc. A great audio company like Naim, imo the most analogous hifi company to Leica, don't drop a hint of what's next until they announce and it and one can pick it up or order in a week or two. Not announcing roadmaps and prototypes also builds lots of FOMO, obviously. 😆
  4. I've always removed the stickers straight away, first day. Takes about five minutes, less time than that video (I watched a good 15 seconds). One caveat though, which could be a tough lesson: might want to wait a bit on removing to make sure the camera shakes out in case of needing a return.
  5. On a walk the other day with my new M10-R black paint and noticed a bunch of crazing on the back near the viewfinder, a really odd spot for wear. I realized it was from the pocket snap on the jacket I was wearing. It's rubbed out some and hard to see in low light, so not that concerned, though at first a bit bummed as it's not a normal wear spot. I'll be much more careful with snaps, buttons and zippers from now on. Never saw this before on any of the M's I've used.
  6. More RAM (32 or 64gb) and an SSD will make a big difference. Stepping up to an M1 with 16gb RAM even bigger difference. Be sure the GPU acceleration in Lightroom is set to off - that can really slow things down.
  7. It's not out of focus, just the unopened jpeg compression makes it look like that (click it open and you will see). Shot with a Profoto A1 and 28mm summicron.
  8. The BP is a thing of beauty, that's for sure. Considering it my forever camera at this point, though I'm sure the 11, 12, 13, 14 etc will all be lust worthy.
  9. Nope, not what I said. Arguing over buffer filling and shooting styles at a kid's birthday party is kind of silly though, you must admit, vs say traveling in the Press Corps with the President. For the record, I've shot all of my two children's birthday parties (one of whom is named Leica) and many of their friends' with an M, plus about other 70K in images of their lives, all with an M. The key to shooting kids is for you to adapt to them, not they to you.
  10. This thread is boarding on ridiculous if it isn't already - are people seriously arguing about who can shoot the most pictures at a child's birthday party with their $10k camera body? At the end of the day, M bodies, considering their price and supposed longevity, really should have a better buffer and instant wake up times. But a children's birthday party??? @evikne Good thing your M10 was up to the task of photographing each child's turn at the piñata (??) @John Ricard Would you really photograph a child's birthday party with a Monochrom? What about all the colors u
  11. The problem with the whole "maybe you should use something else' type of comment is that it comes off as the pinnacle of mansplaining. You really don't think they haven't thought of that themselves?
  12. Achieving the Decisive Moment isn't like being a pinch hitter in a baseball game, coming in at the last moment to score the winning out. One has to shoot, shoot, and shoot, and be in the 'zone' so to speak in order to achieve those decisive moments. If it's a matter of waiting to get the shot, then one will never be ready at the appropriate time. If you look at Bresson's contact sheets, you can see that he is constantly moving and shooting away, and therefore always ready for the definitive shot if it comes. This idea that the decisive moment is somehow suspended in time, waiting for the photo
  13. The buffer on my M9 Monochrom was always filling up. I felt like a tool when shooting a subject in a moving situation and then having to stand there and tell the subject to wait. And that was shooting on single shot mode, no 'spray and pray.' Sorry to hear the M10M has a similar issue for you. So far I haven't been in a situation to push my M10-R like that so can't comment on the buffer.
  14. Well, it certainly blows the TL 18-56 out of the water at f2.8! Beyond that at 1/4th of the price of the Leica equivalent (and it would 1/8th the price if the Leica was a fixed 2.8) there's not a heck of a lot to complain about. Think I might pick one up for ski season.
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