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  1. I would try and determine what made it, so as to not do it again. In over thirty years of shooting Leica M's I've never seen a scratch like this.
  2. Knowing Voigtlander and their release schedule, give it a few months... 😏
  3. No, of course not. But Leica themselves have always said their lenses were optimized quality wise for the wider apertures. What you choose to shoot at is up to the look you want, and if lots od depth of filed is what you need great, then there's a lot of classic lenses, like the Takumar's, that are very good. Personally I think more modern 'street shooters' would often be better off shooting more wide open, as that can better delineate a subject from the background. It's harder to nail the focus in that case, but imo often makes for a better photo.
  4. Well, by my reckoning, Leica still have 20 letters of the alphabet to work with in order to designate a new camera model, so why not an M with an EVF? Personally, I'll take an M that is also a keychain, wallet, eyeglass holder, and phone. It would simplify my life greatly. 😆
  5. And they would need to release a special bulletproof glass vitrine for those well heeled users displaying their M's in war zones.
  6. I'm a bit surprised Leica hasn't sold a special red dot crystal sapphire vitrine to store your Leica M in. Egads it actually gets some use and a mar here or there on it! Think about the resale value until the next model comes out in a year's time, also to be stored under the vitrine. Less stress for the owner over their precious M 'investment' and it's easy enough to continue taking photos with their iPhone (much easier than that pesky RF anyway) while the M continues to look brand new. Best way to sleep at night for a Leica owner.
  7. Shooting M lenses wide open, where they have been optimized for best image quality (many M lenses diffraction sets in by f/8) is the only reason (other than some ergonomics) to pay that huge price difference. Of course that's a hold over from the film days when one truly needed a 1.4 or 2 lens. Now one can just ramp up the iso without experiencing the golf ball size grain of TMAX 3200.
  8. It would be more telling to try them wide open. A lot of classic lenses 'even up' at f/8 - which is not to say the Takumar lenses aren't good - I would assume a lot of that r&d either trickled up or down from their medium format line, which is excellent value.
  9. I've been working on a series of skyscapes the last couple of years, primarily with an M10/10-R and 135mm APO. These are just a handful.
  10. 1) Lenses should fit tight - sometimes one might have to jiggle it a bit to lock in and bring up the correct tramline. Perfectly normal. 2) Lockups - welcome to the world of Leica. Sadly normal, though I've had a lot less with my 10, 10-R than I did with my M9 (constant). sounds like the 11 is a return to the 9 in more than just image look. 3) Normal. Most just ignore. If you really need exact aperture info then best to find a different camera platform.
  11. I have (as I own one for my M's). It's better than the pancake 18, as would be expected, but then loses the 'pocket-ability' and af of that lens. The 24mm 2.8 asph, another lens I have, is excellent on the CL, and comes in about the same size (though not weight) as native L alternatives.
  12. I would pass on that, and for a bit more get something truly bright, even, and purpose built (I have the Kaiser above and it's now just a pricey slide viewer). https://cinestillfilm.com/collections/scanning-finishing/products/sunray-copybox-ii-scanning-film-workflow-set https://cinestillfilm.com/collections/scanning-finishing/products/ns-light-source-basic-pro-led-lightbox-95-99-cri-for-camera-scanning?variant=31966667767882
  13. @jkcampbell2 Try the Skier box - it's very bright, and I went from f/18, 1 sec exposures on a Kaiser light pad, to 1/60th (on average) on the Skier. The Neg Supply light boxes look nice as well.
  14. Either should be fine really. Keep in mind that you need to get to 1:1 for 35mm copying, and the 100mm APO needs the adapter, which is quite rare to find. As well, you'll be shooting a flat plane, at closest focus, and stopped down to at least f 11-22, so the Sigma should level up just fine - just might not have the same pop if say shooting other macro images (like flowers etc). I use a current Tamron 100mm with my D850 for copying, and it's an excellent performer for that.
  15. Strange things happening lately - the back buttons (LV, PLAY, MENU and track pad) occasionally become unresponsive or extremely sluggish on my walks in the neighborhood. Camera still takes pics fine, and the one second preview I have set comes up, b ut just can't review or set. Has anyone else experienced this? It seems it might be heat related, even though it hasn't been that warm here (high 60's) as it seems to start working better once I spent some time in the shade (and just fine this morning inside the house). I've had it in the heat before (Hawaii) but nothing happened like this. Sadly, sounds like it'll be taking a trip back to Leica - perhaps a failing mainboard or rear sub-board.
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