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M8 alternative for my girlfriend


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Why not get a refurbished Epson RD-1. Then you can share lenses. It has a much lower cost than the M8, and many members here enjoy using it. Plus it is just as mechanical as the M8 - actually more so - it has a manual frame advance lever, something I wish the M8 had.



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Pana Lx3. I bought one for my wife. The question is how interested in photography is she? The instruccions and manuals have to be read. After two months, my wife didn't even open the instruccions's book. She shoot in a kind of intelligent auto mode :eek: , so the results are normally poor.

The camara is quite good for the price. Lens 24-60 f2-2.8, raw and easy manual controls. Good results after practicing a little. The problem are: no viewfinder and no aperture ring in the lens. So, I hate to work this way.


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