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  1. Thank you! Any advise with the half case for the M9? Which is the best option? I suppose Luiggi?
  2. Thank you for the nice replies! Some years ago, I spent a winter in France ( Chambery). During 3 weeks the temperature were the coldest in many years: many times -25,-30 Cº. I had to wear the camera into my jacket all the time, keeping it warm with my body, keep the batteries in a warm pocket and change them every two minuts. For me the problem is that the m9 seems to concentrate the cold in all his metal parts very quickly. I as well was thinking in the leather half case. This can be a solution. I've never used one of them. It's not a bit anoying to change the battery? I have as a secon
  3. Hello everybody! Long time ago from my last post. It's been a while without photographing and using my dear M9. Now it's time to come back. For the last year I've been learing russian and I'm planing to spend the winter in Moscow practicing, learning russian and again taking pictures. Now, my experiences in cold weather with my M9 have been very hard. When temperature very low, the batteries don't last anything and the camera block itself very quick. May be some of you have a method to work in cold weather. Any russian leica lovers in this forum? Thank you very much!
  4. Thank you for the kind replies!!!!!! Just let you know that my father told me about trying to use the broken charger in the car with the lighter conection. I could read it later in a old post as well and it worked. I 'm ending my travel today. I'm in Carcassonne. I've been in Chambery, Grenoble, Lyon, Annecy, Chamonix Mont-blanc, Marseille, Narbonne, etc..... A bit bad luck with the freezing weather but impressed for this beautiful country that has everything that one can wish. My M9 worked quite bad in extrem low temperature. The problem is that one has to keep the batteries warm. And keep t
  5. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! The one problem is that I don't have my passport. I'm used to travel in the European countries without it. I think that to visit Switzerland I would need it. Anyway you are very kind! I'm very lucky that I think I've already shot the best picture of my travel and I have still two batteries at 75 %. I hope that the extremly cold weather is gone. Keeping the batteries in a warm pocket should be fine. I will try to keep my finger quite waiting for the reallly good picture. This morning I'm going to visit some photoshops here in Chambery. May be I'm lucky. Satur
  6. Hello to everybody! I'm at the moment in Chambery (France) enjoying some nice freezing weather. The record of very low temperatures during long time is gone. I have a small (big for me) problem. My batterie charger doesn't work anymore. I don't know why. I have another one in Mallorca (home). I'm not a heavy shooter. Normally with three batteries would be enough for some weeks, but this freezing weather is killing my batteries. If there is anybody in Chambery or close that could let me charge a couple of batteries? I don't know... May be I could come to you and leave one batterie charg
  7. Probably in january I'm going to travel during one month. I would love to have a small computer just to view, transfer and delete raw M9 files. I would like something really small that could take anywhere being not heavy at all. It would be fine the Ipad but I think It doesn't work very good with M9 raw files. I'm not interested in postprocessing work. I'll do later at home in proper conditions. Just in insert SD cart, view raw files and deleted some of them while having coffe in a bar. There are small netbooks, macbook air or ultrabooks that are probably fine. Any of you using one? Which i
  8. I've just recieved and adapter E-39 to A-52. I've try the M8 with a 28mm and seems to work fine. A bit tricky but with a bit of practice, I will do it work. I will tell you more in the next days.
  9. For me the question is what I'm going to shoot? If I'm going to try some street photography, means that I don't know what I'm going to shoot. Something will happen and I'll try to be ready. The one lens that give me the possibility to use it as a wide lens or a tele lens, is a 50mm. Just depens on which aperture I choose. The 50mm give as well better control to the frame. Normally I dont need to crop. But there is just one problem. It needs a better technique. Quick and exact focus, steady hand, body and concentration. I like to use the 35mm when I am part of the action. It's very easy to u
  10. I've already find a adapter in internet. Until I recieve it I've tried the bag with my nikon d300 and it works great. I will report later how it works. Thanks
  11. Hallo! I've bought the under water bag ewa-marine U-F for the M9/M8. I'm not going to use to underwater but for special ocasions when I want to go very close to the water, or very stormy weather, canoe, etc. My surprise is that the adapter to fix the lens to the bag is not the size for filters less than A- 49. Is possible to find a adapter for E-39 filters? Have any of you be successfull with this bag?
  12. Everything depends on which lens you are using and what's going on. Different technique for every situation. Which lens are you using? What is the subject doing?
  13. The summilux is in a superior level. One more extra stop is not the only advantage. Color rendition is amazing. The best lens I've seen. If I had the money, I would do it.
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