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  1. Thank you guys for the comments. Timing on this one was perfect. Went out into the garden this morning and it was there. Had to take the image. Andreas
  2. Hi Guys, While the Northern Hemisphere goes into Winter, down here in the South have Spring. Here is an image of a Day Lilly. It only flowers 1 day, then falls off. 90mm Macro-Elmar-M mounted on a NEX-5. 1/1250 Sec, f/5.6, ISO 200. Thank you for looking. All comments welcome. Andreas
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for the compliments. This side things are going well - aside from lots of working hours. Andreas
  4. Hi Guys, Went for a quick drive through the Khomas Hochland yesterday. Came upon this water hole, and low and behold, an Egyptian Goose had moved in already. Water does not last very long here by us. 50mm Cron, NEX5 Body, 1/640 Sec, f/8.0, ISO 200. Must say that this combo is working great for me, NEX body with Leica M glass. Plus you get to focus through the lens. Thanks for looking. Andreas :-) Have attached the image, with a 100% crop just to prove that the Goose is there...
  5. Hi Guys, Have not been posting for a really long time. Will hopefully start getting more time for photography again. Here's an image captured on a Sony NEX5 with a 50mm Cron. The resolving power of Leica lenses is still amazing. 1/2000 Sec, f/5.6, ISO 200. Thanks for looking. Andreas
  6. andit


    Hi Louis, I love this image. Why should people all be put into the same box - I think this shows individualism in our modern corporate world. Well spotted. Thank you for sharing this one with us. Andreas
  7. Hi Paul, Thanks for your kind words. You are absolutely right, this image works very well in B&W. Andreas
  8. Hi guys, Here's an interesting capture taken at the New Rhodesfield Station on the Gautrain Project in Johannesburg, South Africa. Taken with a good old C-Lux 1, 102mm (equiv) 1/160 sec, f/11, ISO 100. Thank you for looking. All comments welcome Andreas
  9. Hi Juergen, Judging by the vegetation in the background, it looks very much like this was taken in the Sabie-Sands Game Reserve. Worked there for a long time, it was absolutely wonderful. Andreas
  10. Hi guys, Here's an image of an Aloe plant taken yesterday in the south of Namibia. This image was made on an old C-Lux 1 - still amazes me what kind of images this little camera can take. Thanks for looking. Andreas
  11. Hi Jan, Just wanted to say welcome to the forum. Please post some of those images for us to admire. Andreas
  12. Hi Brendan, When the M8 was first released, I also made the switch from SLR's to a Rangefinder. The M8 is an awesome camera and the perfect learning tool when you are new to RF's. Apart from a few technical features and the full frame vs crop factor issues, the M8 is an excellent tool. Aside from that is is does make an excellent backup body to the M9 - or you can use both when you shoot with different focal lengths without having to change lenses. Go for it, at least that way by the time you get your M9, you will have gotten the hang of RF's. Andreas PS: The 75 Cron makes
  13. Hi Guys, For some or other reason I have been fascinated by the X1. There are a lot of people here on the forum that use (and love) the Digilux 2. By all accounts the Digilux 2 is an excellent camera. I know the X1 does not have a zoom, but, do you think that the X1 will have the same dedicated following that the Digilux 2 has ? Any comment welcome. Andreas
  14. Hi ravinj, Just a quick question - on the first two images, about halfway along the top edge, there are two lines that extend down into the image. The first one probably about a third of the way into the image. Are those wires hanging down or is there a vertical line problem (like with the original M8) ? Andreas
  15. Hi Ryley, You have the vertical line problem. This was quite common in the early M8's. I had exactly the same problem too. The sensor is working fine - there is a faulty component on the board that reads the information out from the sensor. You will have to send the camera in for repairs - generally a free repair in Germany for a known problem. If you search for "vertical line" here on the forum you'll find many discussions about it. Good luck Andreas
  16. Hi Stuart, I like this image. Chile, definitely one of the places on my to-do list. Did you get to Tranque Slowman by any chance? Or any of the abandoned Saltpeter Towns? Please send my regards to Barbara. Andreas
  17. andit

    Burger King

    Interesting.... The cropping format you used reminds me so much of a Hassy 501... Personally I like the feelings conveyed by your image. Well done and thanks for sharing. Andreas
  18. Hi Dave, Excellent series. Thank you for sharing these chilling images with us. Living in a different part of the world, one often tends to forget that things in the US are also bad. These images look like many towns and places here in Namibia. So many places here have simply died in the last year or so. Andreas
  19. andit

    "I'll have another"

    Hi Virgil, You have captured a wonderful "New Years" type moment here perfectly. This image is so universal, it has pretty much the same meaning the world over. Excellent capture. Thanks for sharing. Andreas
  20. andit


    Hi Christoph You have caught the moment in this image beautifully. You can sense the motion of the sun surfer. Well done. Andreas
  21. Hi Jark, Welcome to the forum. Wonderful set of images. For some or other reason I like the one in the SM Fine Art shop. Thank you for sharing these images with us. Andreas
  22. Hi Gary, According to Modern Marvels, the Army Ordnance Department approached Caterpillar to design a new air cooled tank in the late 1930's. They designed what was to become the M4 - some of these units were fitted with a unique Caterpillar Radial Diesel engine that could use virtually any fuel including heavy oil, diesel and gasoline. Over 50,000 units of the M4 were built during the war in various designations. As you rightly stated, they were built at a number of factories though out the US, including Caterpillar. Andreas
  23. Hi Caryl, Your Humming Bird images are awesome. There are no other words to describe these. These are truly award winning (especially when you consider that they were created with a rangefinder). Well done and thank you for sharing these with us. Andreas
  24. Hi Daniel, Interesting set of images. The monochrome adds dramatic effect to the images. Most of these tanks were built by a company that is still very well known today - Caterpillar. Thanks for sharing Andreas
  25. andit


    Hi Ben, Excellent image - simple and extremely elegant. Well spotted, thanks for sharing this with us. Andreas
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