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Leica I My last chance

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Hi to all,


Months ago I bougth a I A Leica. Good price but bad shape and conditions. The shutter was broken and the camera was completely "enameled". No engravings are visible as they are under the paint. On this Christmas I've decided to strip the hole camera to see its real health status.


First, I took out the old paint wiht a chemical product. Bad news as I discovered that the previous owner sanded them with a dremel tool or similar. Good news. I found the complete serial number and the other engravings. They are not so deep but still alive. (see photos). I have use 0000 sand paper to reduce all the dremel marks and at this moment I think I'm in the right way.


Second. As I suspected, the shutter was in a very bad condition. I'm working in a new curtains and new straps.


Well, that's the situation. Now I have a couple of questions.


1.- Is it possible to deep the engravings ? :confused:


if not,


2.- How can I paint both plates and also make visible those engravings ?


3.- Is there any exploded view of the Leica I ? I took several note and drawings but an original will help.


Thanks for your support and sorry about my bad english ;)





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