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Beach photoshoot


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54 minutes ago, fotografr said:

Nice work with a beautiful model. Some of the poses are a bit goofy (2nd, for instance), but overall very nice. The lens is also impressive. Were you shooting at f1. 2? If so, the sharpness exceeds my expectations. 

Thanks, it was her first time wearing a bikini/swimsuit, so overall a pretty good for her part. I originally tried to include the photo below but ran out of space 😅

Yea the Voigtlander 1.2/50 is pretty impressive optically. I used it at 1.2 for the whole shoot. For 50mm portraits I'd usually use the Heliar 1.5/50, 1930s Sonnar 1.5/50, or Canon 1.2/50. I only used the Nokton 1.2/50 here because it's almost impossible to get it to flare, and doesn't lose contrast with backlighting. Voigtlander's 1.2/35 and 1.2/50 both have pretty beastly performance.


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