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Leica IIIf/IIf/IIIc/IIc viewfinder eye lens

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Hi everyone! Yesterday I had the terrible luck of knocking off the rangefinder/viewfinder eyepiece from my IIIf. I was in a wooded area and it took me a second to realize that the piece had popped off. At first I wasn't too concerned, since it flew off into a mesh of plants, dirt, and grass, and knew that trying to find it would be like finding a needle in a haystack and I'd be better of just buying a new eyepiece. After a few minutes I decided to take a photo; I first looked through the rangefinder window, focused as usual, and then moved onto the viewfinder window and realized it was very blurry and almost imposible to compose. That's when it dawned on me that it had not just been the eyepiece that went flying, but that the viewfinder eye lens (part 42 216-476, per Leica's repair manual; see attached photos) had popped off too (maybe at the same time as the eyepiece, maybe while I was walking). 


I know that the most reasonable thing to do would be to buy an external viewfinder (I'm already considering a VIOOH 35-135mm). I am also considering checking out the Zorki copies to see if they have the same/similar eye lens that popped off and buy one of those copies for that piece alone and reselling it for parts. 


However, if any of you have any information regarding that tiny lens (where to get it, its magnification factor, etc.) I would be very thankful.

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You might check with DAG Camera Parts (Don Goldberg) who has a large stock of old parts for his repair business. Some years ago I got a IIIf eyepiece from him, but didn't need the lenses, His website just shows a small part of what he has - write or call to check.

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You may try "Nobbysparrow" on eBay. He is a very helpful technician in Japan who has posted many great tutorials on YouTube. He managed to find me one for my IIIf to replace the lens that was badly clouded over. The IIIf is now as good as new. Hope this helps.

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Look for the  german shop „ausgeknipst“ on eBay.
They produce and sell eyepieces for the Leica IIIc/f as spare parts that fit perfectly.

You would have to find a lens substitute additionally, of course  




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