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  1. TomB_tx

    Steps to shoot with the M6

    The M6 meters off a white spot on the first shutter curtain, so you have to advance the film before metering.
  2. An eyepiece lens to correct astigmatism would have to be oriented properly, so switching from horizontal (landscape) to vertical (portrait) would require turning the eyepiece lens 90 degrees, making the mounting design more complex and likely thicker, etc. I also have strong astigmatism, and simply learned to live with my glasses on full time (for the last 60 years...) I'm told that when i (soon) need cataract surgery I'll still need glasses for astigmatism correction for my conditions.
  3. TomB_tx

    EVF or rangfinder on M10

    Shutter lag is my biggest complaint, but that is expected with live view on a mechanical shutter system. I'll use the EVF mainly for 21mm, instead of an optical accessory finder. If you use a variety of wide lenses you only need one EVF instead of multiple accessory optical finders - and you can focus through the EVF also. I may use it for long lenses, but if I know I'll be using them much I'll take my A7 body along and use it for long lens use, as I used to on film with my LeicaflexSL. Even the cheap, original A7 is nicer for EVF use, where lens corrections are not needed.
  4. TomB_tx

    Disasters with an M 10 or M 240/246

    The only such loss I’ve had was when I forgot to put the SD card back in the camera before a hike.
  5. Pico is right - if you don’t adjust the RF focus for the distance you are viewing it make focusing harder. One of my IIIfs had a dim rangefinder until Youxin Ye replaced the beam splitter during a CLA. Now the image is much brighter and higher contrast, and is easier to focus than my other ltms. I also wear glasses full time, which restricts the view significantly, but I still enjoy using the Barnacks.
  6. TomB_tx

    Ektachrome ......... and?

    I ordered it from Freestyle Photographic when the first announced it for preorder.
  7. TomB_tx

    "Photographic" Societies

    I also have defined photography as image capture. Back in the ‘60s the “final” of our college photography course was to shoot a 20 exposure roll of Kodachrome, and then had to show all 20 to the class. The idea being that each shutter click should be worth showing.
  8. TomB_tx

    Ektachrome ......... and?

    I have a roll in a camera now, but likely won’t have it finished and processed for a month. Regardless of what folk on the Internet say, the only test is to try yourself. I usually disagree with other judgments on color and saturation, etc.
  9. Further to what others have said about the M9 display: it is fine for a quick check of the image, and the histogram for exposure. You can zoom in quite far to check the plane of focus, however it is not good for judging actual sharpness. The lcd image never looks as sharp as the image pulled into a pc, and as a result isn’t good for sharpness comparisons. However, I’ve used mine since 2010 and find it fine for my use. (However, as an old film shooter I seldom check the image after shooting it, and usually wait until I’ve copied to a PC.)
  10. TomB_tx

    Impulse buy... Leica R6.2

    At current prices is isn't very silly. I've used an SL in the 60-70s, then an R4. Added a R6 a few years ago, which is an ideal companion to the M6.
  11. TomB_tx

    Ektachrome ......... and?

    Received my Ektachrome order from Freestyle today. Think I’ll try with a Planar first, then Summicron to examine colors, etc. It has a 2 year shelf life.
  12. TomB_tx

    Congratulation for the new site

    I also really appreciate the new system. However, one thing I'd change: when you click the "Mark forum as read" I'd rather not have to click again to confirm. Unlike when deleting files it isn't a big deal if you mark them accidentally.
  13. Let it sit under a black (UV) light for a day and it will clear up.
  14. TomB_tx

    It's just not comfy

    Having used Leicas for about 50 years they feel so natural to me I'm always surprised by complaints, but cameras have changed so much I guess people expect to use them one-handed. I learned that the left palm is the main steady support, with the thumb and first finger operating the lens. The right hand does offer steadiness, but mainly trips the shutter and advances film. I used the same grip with all the SLRs I've had. The dSLRs with built in grip never felt right to me.
  15. TomB_tx

    M10 Flash Shoe protector?

    Mine came with one installed