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Is the Q2 still worth buying in 2022


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Whatever you do, do not buy a Q2 now! The moment the Q3 is released the inbuilt software in the Q2 will lock it up rendering it of not being able to take a decent photograph, let alone an outstanding photograph or two. Irrespective of how good the photographer is! 🙄 😀

The Q2 is a superb camera and, unless the Q3 will cook dinner for me and clean the house, I have no plans to change mine when the Q3 comes along. 

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On 2/21/2022 at 6:22 PM, yeatts said:

no thank you! 60mp - why?


Crop = digital zoom and that's why I might wait. It adds greatly to the flexibility of the M11 and would do the same for the Q3 only more so because digital zoom is the only way you can change lenses on a Q...

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I'm certainly considering it myself. I parted ways with the original Q too soon and was surprised how much I found myself missing it (up to that point I simply wasn't sure 28mm was for me). No doubt a Q3 will have a better sensor, processor and battery life (and probably even a higher price to go with it). Will it come this year? Despite that bizarre Fotos app leak I'll take Leica's word that there will be no more new cameras in 2022. There was another Q on the 2022 roadmap on their wall, but I suspect it will be another special edition or perhaps even a Q2-P.

In terms of what I need out of a camera of its kind, the Q2 doesn't seem lacking. I'd actually jump on a Q2M in a heartbeat. There's such great longevity in the mono sensor performance, but I know there are going to be moments, even if they are likely to be in the single digit percentages, where I'd find myself longing for colour (and if I find room for a Q in work as well as pure self indulgent pleasure, then the regular Q2 covers my bases a little better).

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