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  1. ymc226

    M10 Thumbs up + EVF

    I use the Thumbie as well on my M10. It works very well and leaves the hot shoe available for the EVF. Also in regards to the Thumbs Up, there was some concern regarding some force being applied to the hot shoe.
  2. Hello Sillbeers15 Is HSS and TTL still operational?
  3. I have bought from both Leica boutiques in Los Angeles and So Ho. The New York store didn’t charge sales tax when shipped to my home in NJ but LA did stating the repair facility in NJ counted as a branch of the business.
  4. I forget the shipper, maybe UPS, but was charged a “handling” fee billed a week or so after delivery. This occurred more than once but a few years back when I purchased more frequently. The fee was above the seller’s shipping fees.
  5. I recently bought from the EBay Breuguet store a new SL 50 saving 1k from list, no tax and they stated in their listing the lens is already in the US (5 minutes from my work in NJ) so no need to worry about possible fees from shipping companies or import duties.
  6. ymc226

    16-35 availability in the USA??

    Just leave your name with any of the Leica stores. I did when I visited the Los Angeles boutique in May and they called me about a month later.
  7. ymc226

    Sensor cleaning: vacuum

    I agree. It does't appear strong or precise enough. I will buy a used lab grade vacuum pump on Ebay and latex rubber tubing to use. They are only a few hundred dollars used so should last a while.
  8. ymc226

    Sensor cleaning: vacuum

    Look at their site. I see on their video that the little particles on the side of the dish did not get completely cleared but the vacuum. I also realized a cheaper way to adapt the cleaner for my use. I already have a Leica SL to M adapter to would only need either a FotodioX Leica M body to Canon EF or Nikon F adapter at around $25. Fujin
  9. ymc226

    Sensor cleaning: vacuum

    I've been looking for a lab grade vacuum that you can attach soft tubing to suck up dust on the sensor. It would still be some risk as you would need to get the tip of the tubing close to the sensor. B&H sells these body mounted vacuum devices but only in Canon and Nikon mounts. I was thinking that most of the sensor dirt is dust more than stuck on debris so a quick rocket blower to loosen up followed by the vacuum attached via a lens adapter. What do you think as the reviews on the site are decent. (I don't know how much B&H edits bad reviews from appearing on their site) vacuum device M adapter L adapter
  10. ymc226

    Leica flash system and the SL

    Thanks for the information. I will use the 2 SF 60 along with the SF C1 with HSS and TTL to see how it goes. If I find that I can use manual and need more power, I'll probably get a pair of the B10s as they also have rechargeable lithium batteries and look portable enough. If Godox comes out with the A1 copy, that would be a nice cheaper option.
  11. Currently I am using a Paul Buff strobe system at home manually with Pocketwizards to trigger but I would want something lightweight and portable. I did use a flash meter when I used film but now expose via the trial and error method since digital came along. Not knowing very much about speedlights, I have a few very basic questions. I am interested in getting the Leica SF 60, maybe two, and it’s remote controller. Can TTL and HSS still work off camera using the remote controller as the on camera trigger? Also, how does TTL work with more than on speedlight? Does the camera expose for the main flash only and the 2nd flash would have to be set according to taste?
  12. ymc226

    Leica SL2- ? L Alliance

    I really liked the SL. With the deal Leica is running now, I traded in my M240 which I haven’t used in a while for a second SL. Now I don’t have to slow down to change lenses.
  13. ymc226

    New Leica SL Lens Roadmap

    I just added the 50SL to my also recently acquired 16-35SL. I bought the SL along with the 24-90 about a year and half ago and it does all and more of what my digital Ms did until then. For my amateur use, family, portraits, vacation, landscape, I am very satisfied with the results, especially of the 50. I have no need for fast auto focus nor long telephotos. The overall look is very consistent with all of my digital Ms used with their modern ASPH M lenses and are very sharp. For some reason the full frame Nikon lenses used along with a D800 or the Olympus OMD em5 mkII along with its praised native lenses had such a different look, color and apparent sharpness that I couldn’t accept after experiencing the look from my Leicas. I sold all of those kits and have not been tempted by any other maker. All I can say is that I will continue to get the wider SL Summicrons as they become available.
  14. ymc226

    New Leica SL Lenses & Roadmap!

    That makes me feel better that I just got the 50SL Lux recently. I still hope they would announce a SL 35 Lux in the future as well.
  15. ymc226

    Is my EVF DOA?

    I spoke with my dealer. I am sending it back and they are sending a new one that they will test prior to shipping to me.