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  1. As soon as the weather is nice again here and we get a deep blue sky, I'll try this with my 35 Lux.
  2. It was shot with a macro elmar 90mm at f4 so you’re right, not a lens that replicates your problems at all. As for making a point, I wasn’t!
  3. After this thread, and the one where the troll guy got banned, I got to thinking about my assertion that I never shoot in-camera JPEg other than as a backup and that I therefore have no idea, or interest in what the in-camera B&W looks like - though I do accept that it matters for some and that it therefore should be given some attention by Leica. So I thought I'd set the camera to shoot DNG+JPEG and set the film style to B&W Nat/=. I then set myself the challenge of not looking at the JPEGS until I had finished processing the DNGs to B&W to my taste. I then applied the crop from the DNG to the JPEG and exported them both per forum rules in order to see what they looked like side by side. I make no comments as to whether this is a useful exercise or whether the results demonstrate anything but here it is: DNG first in each case.
  4. +1 to all the guys who don’t shoot jpegs for all the reasons they don’t. However I do set my M11 to record DNG to the card and JPEG to the internal memory ‘just in case’ so I suppose that even though I have never looked at a single one of them, I might accidentally have a dog in the fight one day. In which case I’ll defo always be setting it to record a color file not a B&W because when I shoot for B&W I prefer not to use filters on the lens and so I want the color information there for when I make my final choices in post. A JPEG would only be an emergency place to start that, and the inclusion of sRGB only is really lame, but mitigation would imply capturing a reasonably middle of the road colour JPEG, no?
  5. I love these deceptively simple compositions of yours!
  6. Dia artspace, Beacon on Hudson - processed to look as it felt rather than as it looked....
  7. Andy Warhol shooting on the street, East Ninth Street, circa 1964. Oh OK, three weeks ago with an M11... and a vintage preset....
  8. You're entirely right - and of course, for those who do feel that a particular camera's SOOC 'pegs are great, that's just coincidence that their eye is similar to that of the guys who did the programming..... as proven by LCT's comment below....
  9. Out of interest was one of his handles ‘Trickness’? Because if so, he sometimes has discussions with himself…
  10. Love the dry tonality of these desert shots - they remind me of Nadav Kander’s Yangtze series.
  11. Then whether your condition is real, psychosomatic or merely confected as part of a pointless and dreary wind up, there’s a simple cure: stick with your 10. The question is, why are you some keen to convince all the 11 users, in what is, after all, the 11 forum, that a thing they don’t see or worry about is real? I’m out. It’s pointless. And like I said before, it’s clearly bait.
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