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MP-240 Corrupted files dng & BW jpeg


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Other potential problems:

cheap / faulty SD card reader, using an SD card reader that is plugged into a cheap USB hub, copying to an external hard drive that is plugged into a cheap USB Hub, Raw+Jpg in the same directoy and using the "treat as 1 Image option",  thinking the files are corrupt but only the preview of the raw converter needs referesh or re-rendering of previews, .......  


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7 minutes ago, tom.w.bn said:

What exactly is this tool supposed to do? It's better than formatting an SD card with you standard operating system tools but should be equal to formatting it in any camera. I don't know of any camera that does formatting wrong. I can format an SD card in any of my cameras (3 different brands) and can use it in any camera of the other 2 brands (respecting size limitations). Every camera adds it's own subdirectoris like 100LEICA, 101_PANA, etc, when I use a non empty card. I would go so far that with a non faulty and non falsified cards, the camera is never the problem. If the card is probably the problem, don't fix it, throw it away and get a proper card.

You may wish to read what the SD Association has to say if you are interested in those matters. I am but a modest user of SD Memory Card Formatter for many years. Has helped me so many times that I warmly recommend its use to any photog interested. But you don't have to use it of course. It is totally free to use it or not and i have no personal nor professional interest whatsoever in the SD Association. FWIW.

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