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  1. In the film days, Leica reputation was at the lowest point for me when they made gold Leicas. Now this. How to destroy your reputation again.... I'm seriously alienated by this.
  2. That is a very good explanation of the S autofocus but they don't mention that tweaking the settings of the JPG-engine influences the AF.
  3. I must admit that this sounds strange, never heard of this behavior before. How do you observe that the AF gets better? Faster / more accurate? AF-S, AF-C? Which camera exactly? I use 100% AF-S and since 2019 I had zero images where the camera focussed wrong. Can't say anything about AF-C or filming.
  4. Rumour says that Panasonic was slightly irritated by the Leica - Xiaomi strategic partnership announcement and that they just made sure that the existing partnership is renewed and in the news too.
  5. Finally decided that I don't need a 2nd body for my upcoming project. Additionally the want-to-have factor of the S5 is limited because of the viewfinder. Spent two weeks in the Alps with the S1R only (I even left the Leica M and film stuff at home). Size and wight was not an issue at all, no benefit for a smaller S5 here. Used the EVF for at least 80% of the images and really enjoyed the high-res viewfinder in all situations.
  6. A friend of mine owns a classical camera/photo business and they sell all brands. He is quite content with the L-Mount sales (More Panasonic than Leica of course). That does not mean that they sell more L-Mount than Canon or Sony. That does mean that it's worthwile to have equipment in stock and that the companies are content with the dealer. The only brand he does not like to sell is Nikon because that company makes it really hard for smaller dealers to sell their stuff.
  7. From the pure specs you are right if you compare it that way. I don't care about weight too much. Size in my backpack is relevant. In my small mountainbike backback no SL/Panasonic fits in but no Leica M either, here it's the Ricoh GR III. In my hiking backpack the S1R+2 Pana-zooms takes roughly the same space as a Leica digital M+EVF+18+24+50+90. When I take the S1R+24-105 and LeicaM + 24+50+90, the size advantage is with the Panasonic combi. For me the advantage of the Leica is, when you only take the camera with one lens and walk around with it. So the use case is really relevant when discussing size and weight and the possible advantage of it.
  8. I don't understand why people consider a Leica SL large and a Leica M small. The M setup is only slightly smaller. When I want something small I'd take the Ricoh GR III anytime for photos. Is simplicity really having less features? For me it's making access to featues easy and not confusing the user although there are many features. I like the menu layout and less buttons of the SL2-S and it feels nice but I use the flip-out screen of my Panasonic too often... I think I would miss that.
  9. ...and people who need a mechanical shutter from time to time because you simply can't shoot everything with a camera that has electronic shutter only. edit...just saw that was mentioned before.
  10. Other potential problems: cheap / faulty SD card reader, using an SD card reader that is plugged into a cheap USB hub, copying to an external hard drive that is plugged into a cheap USB Hub, Raw+Jpg in the same directoy and using the "treat as 1 Image option", thinking the files are corrupt but only the preview of the raw converter needs referesh or re-rendering of previews, .......
  11. What exactly is this tool supposed to do? It's better than formatting an SD card with you standard operating system tools but should be equal to formatting it in any camera. I don't know of any camera that does formatting wrong. I can format an SD card in any of my cameras (3 different brands) and can use it in any camera of the other 2 brands (respecting size limitations). Every camera adds it's own subdirectoris like 100LEICA, 101_PANA, etc, when I use a non empty card. I would go so far that with a non faulty and non falsified cards, the camera is never the problem. If the card is probably the problem, don't fix it, throw it away and get a proper card.
  12. Ok, you build your own solution around unique filenames. All image catalogue solutions on the market can handle multiple files with the same name though. They have to, because when you use many cameras from the same vendor over 10+ years you will end up with lots of files with exactly the same name. They are of course not in the same directory. The reference in a catalogue is always to a filename in a certain directory. They should close this bug a some point. If I was responsible for prioritzing bugs, then I gave it a low priority.
  13. The Panasonic teleconverters are made for specific lenses (the 70-200 lenses). I have the Panasonic 70-300. The teleconverters are not meant to be used with this lens (or other lenses). If your can connect it technically, it's still open if the optical performance is ok.
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