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  1. Am Objektiv kann das nicht liegen. Vielleicht klemmt der obere Button der Wippe?
  2. Was meinst Du mit "laufen die Bildformate durch". Meinst Du die Bildformate 2:3, 9:16, 3:4, etc. die man einblenden kann, wenn man auf der Wippe die Taste nach oben drückt? Wechseln die bei Dir automatisch, ohne dass Du etwas machst -> "durchlaufen"?
  3. Why use a 6000 EUR camera for vlogging when you can buy a superb small 4K vlogging camera for under 1000 EUR? Most photography vloggers have their main camera and their additional vlogging camera. If they had only one camera, they could never make content of themselves using their main camera in the field.
  4. Excatly. DOF can be measured, bokeh is subjective. The "king of bokeh" lens is not f0.95 or f1 or f1.4, it's a f2 lens.
  5. I prefer a multi-tilt-screen (like Fuji / Pana S1/S1R) over a flip screen because the flip screen is off axis. Had one camera with a flip screen but could not get used to that. Fixed screen today is a compromise I accept only with M-Leicas. Never thought about buying a SL Leica because of the fixed screen.
  6. I just discovered that the date is in the middle of the German autumn school holidays. That makes late booking more difficult.
  7. How is your confidence level right now? I'm generally intersted and blocked a couple of days but I will begin to think about booking in August or September. Depends on the situation.
  8. Some cable releases are made of rather cheap and soft material that is good to release the shutter but not good to resist the pressure of the shutter mechanism for a longer time. Maybe the Leica shutter mechanism produces more pressure than the Fuji shutter mechanism? It's enough when the material stretches for only 1mm.
  9. I think it's technically impossible to deplete "serveral batteries" a day just because you switch off standby mode.
  10. I's say that every sensor has at least one stuck pixel. It's not relevant how it looks in Capture one at smaller magnification. It's relevant how it looks in the exported file. Export an image without changing the size and the stuck pixel should be gone....hopefully...
  11. The price. LOL. ROFL. Ha Ha. This is ridiculous. Is it already April 1st.?
  12. Ok, sorry. I always forget that these curiosities exist.
  13. I never forma That is absolutely correct. Formatting a card is basic stuff and every camera can do that. If something goes wrong, either the camera or the card is defective. Since my first digital camera, I format the card in the camera without problems.
  14. Having 50MP on paper is one thing. Having usable 50MP is another thing. I have the P30 Pro with 40 MP and three lenses. Even when shooting DNG you don't want to zoom in 100%, because details look awful. You can print bigger compared to a 20 MP sensor, but you can't use every pixel, forget detail crops.
  15. I saw your post about that before. The result is fine but it needed numerous shots and excessive postprocessing. Because of that, your description "careful shooting an processing" is a bit funny.
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