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I am wanting to get back into infrared photography, I understand a stock M8 would do the trick. I always found rangefinders were better for infrared than SLRs and I would imagine now a mirrorless. I generally used HSIR film and a 29 or full infrared filter. I have 2 lenses that would be perfect a 35 Summilux and a 25 Canon f3.5. I don't use them much on my CL. Is there any tricks to know?

This was done on a IIIC with a 25 Nikkor.

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Nice IR picture (I see that you have some experiences in IR 😉)

I discovered easy IR photography with M8 from about 2008 .

I use Leitz old "IR" (as marked on the filter) with all my lenses in E39 size mainly in the wide (the Super-Angulon 4/21 is very good candidate with some time to master it).

Also B&W 093 IR and Heliopan filter RG780 are used but my preference goes to Leitz IR filter.


In this thread you will find some nice examples of IR from M8



my modest contribution in the said thread

(one from hundreds of IR pictures from M8 which are not very easy to have good take )



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Posted (edited)

Thank you, nice image. I have the Leitz IR, but preferred the 29 red, let some lower wavelengths through. IR negs are a difficult scans so I do the ones that count.

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When I want to do IR photography, my M8 is the go-to tool. I use either a Hoya R72 or a B&W 093 and I get consistent results easily handheld. An ISO of 640 usually is sufficient.

Here are some examples:

Potomac River, C&O National Park, 21mm f/2.8 Elmarit-M (Pre-ASPH), Hoya R72 Filter


Mission Concepcion, San Antonio, same lens and filter


Cheers, Allan

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