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The view through older Glass


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Good morning Pete...


This picture is just superb!!! I love the vintage look of it and the soft colors.

I second that, I remember seeing that photo before, just beautiful, thanks for sharing Pete !


Alain, vey nice photos on your website! Will get in touch in October when visiting friends in Montreal !


I believe you'll accept a shot done with a Leica CL and Summicron 35 pre asph (I only remember the film used was outdated ):



kids7 by careca2013, on Flickr





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Touching moment Phillip ;-)


I love Nikon glass - a pity, Leica doesn't produce some - hehe.


Here is something from the rarely seen secret cousin of the Nikkor 85/2, the 85 ƒ1.5 Nikkor LTM:



unknown girl by teknopunk.com, on Flickr



Shanghai | wet market - old man by teknopunk.com, on Flickr


Nice work Dirk. This is why I wanted you to buy the lens. I knew you'd make the most of it.



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Thanks, Jeff!


For those who aren't aware, Jeff had already started a similar thread here that contains some simply superb picture using some very unusual and ancient lenses.:) I hope to arrange for a kind Mod to consider combining the threads together in the M Lenses forum for simplicity and a potentially larger number of viewers and contributors.



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A real home-made hack job, A Schneider 5cm F2.8 Karat-Xenar made into Leica mount using a Canon 50/2.8 focus mount. serial number shows it was made in the early 1940s. Fully hard-coated.





Schneider Xenar 5cm F2.8, on the M9 by anachronist1, on Flickr



Schneider Xenar 5cm F2.8, on the M9 by anachronist1, on Flickr


I thought the Xenar was a Tessar formula lens, until taking it apart. 5 elements in 4 groups, explains why it is better than my Zeiss Tessar F2.8.



Schneider Xenar 5cm F2.8, on the M9 by anachronist1, on Flickr


The geared chrome trim ring is from a Kodak TLR lens, and makes for an easy grip for focus. 29.5mm Series V filter adapter, same as for a Kodak Retina. RF coupling holds across the full focus range, must be made to the Leica 51.6mm standard. This lens was bought loose at a camera show for $30, but would originally come on a Karat fixed lens RF.

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Another home-made hack, a 5cm F3.5 Leica Varob now in RF coupled M-Mount. Used a focus mount from a 5cm F2.8 Elmar-M with missing glass.



L1002788 by anachronist1, on Flickr



Leitz Varob RF Coupled on the M9 by anachronist1, on Flickr


This lens is basically an uncoated Elmar 5cm F3.5 in a non-focusing enlarger mount.

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