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Apologies if this has been covered however a quick search did not reveal anything to me if it has. I've had my T for a month or so now and loving the results however, I have noticed a strange quirk.


Quite often the two boxes relating to the top dials fail to appear in the screen meaning that I cannot adjust ISO/f without switching the camera off and back on again. At these times even adjusting the dials makes no difference. It's irregular and a little frustrating.

Wondering if I've got things set up wrong or if there's a problem.


When it's working it's great, below a shot from a ferry on the West Coast of Scotland at the weekend, minimalist but calming...and yes the skies here were that blue!!

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Neil -


Sorry, I have only monents of experience with the T (in a Leica boutique and briefly trying Sharookh's), so I can be of no help. But your photo is gorgeous, subtle and calming. You might want to post it in the photo section so more of us can appreciate it.

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I had similar issues which were erratic and predictably absent when I took it to Leica Mayfair to show them......


Camera was subsequently changed and the new one is faultless.


Some posts suggest that having Wi-Fi enabled is the culprit with the old firmware. I never bothered to fiddle with wi-fi on the new camera so I cannot comment. Wi-Fi 'issues' were addressed in the firmware update ...... and maybe this was one of them .....

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Guest Leicanew

The 1.2 firmware hasn't solved the issues with unresponsive dials (that only seem to happen when locking focus immediately after switching the camera on when the WiFi is active).


The turnaround solutions are waiting a couple of seconds longer than usual when switching the camera on, rotate a dial before locking focus once switching on or to have the WiFi off until needed.


To be honest, 1.2 firmware is such an improvement compared to 1.1 that avoiding this issue happening is sufficient for me... (hopefully until the next firmware version is released though!).

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Thanks for the advice, have upgraded to 1.2 and it seems better.

About to go off on a trip so will see how it goes, with wi-fi turned off!

Thanks Stu for the comment on the image, will post some later.

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