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  1. Spo

    Bamboo Mañalac

    A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to photograph Filipino singer Bamboo Manalac and his band when they visited Edinburgh. We got round a few of the sights and included some shots in the oldest pub in Edinburgh. here are a few of them, all shot on "the Q".
  2. Spo


    Not posted for ages nor been on the forum, had a good hour browsing there, some wonderful stuff. Here's my re-entry, Inverary Jail, Scotland and the actor playing the Warder. Leica Q
  3. Thanks everyone, think it has to be the Novoflex. Louis, I may be in touch!!
  4. I have just found out about the T-Nikon adapter made by Novoflex. Anyone using it and able to give me their take on it?
  5. Spo

    Street music

    Looks great and an interesting combination...I need to explore that!
  6. Spo


    It's been ages since I posted here, mostly been on Fototpark...is that allowed??!! Anyway, a shot from a wedding last week of the piper Jim. Just shows how good the Leica Q can be, even at 28mm, for portraits...
  7. Not before time, thanks for letting us know. The update took about 1/2 a second!!
  8. Thanks everyone, yes I was just being a bit slow...got it now
  9. Thanks. Spylaw, I assume you mean some sort of reset rather than switching on and off again, can you advise further please? Viramati, Have been through the menus, this one basically just has on/off nothing else unless you're suggesting there may be something else hidden?
  10. Not sure if I'm being a bit thick here but... I am convinced when getting my Q I set up the level gauge to display when shooting and that I saw it work... I have now realised it's not displaying and despite switching it on and off again in the menu it does not appear in the viewfinder/back screen.. Anyone else having this issue or is it just me and there's a simple solution?
  11. Spo

    21st Century Armourer

    Last wo, for now
  12. I recently met Paul Macdonald after seeing a piece about him on TV. He is a real life knife maker and sword restorer. He works from a back lane in Edinburgh in what can only be described as an "interesting" workshop (If Disney ever need inspiration for a film set, it's there...) and exports his goods all over the world. These are some of the shots I took on our first meeting, returning soon when I hope to get some "anvil action". Leica T with 23mm lens.
  13. Spo

    Jazz bar

    I used the Leica T for the first time at a concert in a dimly lit Edinburgh bar. Thankfully there was a white light on the singer but little else around. Shot at 1600 with the 23mm lens wide open at f2, not bad results!
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