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Cost of Library Photos v doing your own

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A few years ago I found myself running a software business in telecoms and I needed images for a catalogue and powerpoint presentations. I wanted to show client sites ( BT building, Comiq Sweden Cellular mast etc.) and was told that these were all available but cost about £600 per photo for one time usage in a catalogue.


I bought a Leica M7 plus a 35mm, 50mm, 90mm lens set and a nice bag. Total cost was about £5K or the equivalent of about 8 photos.


I then told my engineers to take the kit each time we engaged a new client and photograph the masts, the telecom center (if the client approved first) and the sights such as Stockolm city center. I gave some rough instructions and I obtained reasonable photos that were good enough for my catalogues.


OK the angle of shot was not perfect, and many images were not exposed properly or in focus....but many were very useable and it was much cheaper, as we eventually had 86 clients worldwide.


I ask has anyone similar experiences? Are there ways of accessing gallery photos more cheaply? If the going rate for a gallery photo is £600 is therea way that we Leica photographers can offer photos and enjoy some of the action?


I am just interested and do not wish to upset too many pros.

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A few years ago library fees were rather higher than they are today. The explosion in digital capture and digital delivery, plus a burgeoning supply coupled with global recession and cries of help from clients has all had a big impact on prices in the market. Doing your own still makes sense provided your staff are competent. Perhaps a little training would pay dividends.


As to getting a slice of the action, well my first answer probably applies here as well.

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