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  1. If that’s really the case, and the only benefit insofar would be the homeopathic improvement of colors at high ISO reported in another thread, I will rather save the money and buy some Leica lenses I‘m lusting for to combine with my M10R.
  2. And if „low ISOs“ would mean anything up to 3200 or 6400, any improvement for high ISOs would be technically irrelevant for me in 99.9% of the cases.
  3. 😳 Good to know! I heard about an update which would add GPS functionality via the fotos app in 09/22.
  4. Just out of curiosity: Is the sound of the black M11 different as compared to the sound of a silver M11, because material and mass are different? 🤔
  5. I‘m still waiting for more facts regarding the performance of the pixel binning feature. If this ultimately convinces me, I will sell my M10 and buy a black M11. In any case, I will keep my M10R.
  6. Will the old visoflex 020 work with the M11? Just wondering, as the 020 has built-in GPS (the new visoflex does not seem to provide GPS) and for the rare usage would be still ok.
  7. Even though there is no clipping in the strict sense, I think he wanted to say that there may be parts in the image where you can not distinguish anymore within the given bit resolution whether the original was dark gray or a little bit darker gray, i.e., there will not be any information in said parts anymore, just noise.
  8. Also nr 2 of said post does not look promising. The surface of the timber plank and the pole remind me of the performance of my old compact camera. I hope this is only an issue resulting from downsizing for the forum.
  9. According to this review here, the pixel binning involves hardware pixel binning, so that one *could* expect an advantage in terms of noise and dynamic range. True? Or myth? https://www.reddotforum.com/content/2022/01/leica-m11-review-the-ultimate-digital-m/ David Farkas states: „For the first time ever on a Leica digital camera, the M11 offers variable resolution with hardware-based pixel binning and smart remapping of the Bayer filter array. At the full 60 megapixels L-DNG setting, the camera churns out 14-bit files with 15-stops of dynamic range at base ISO, previously the exclusive territory of the medium format Leica S (Typ 007) and S3. Drop to 36 megapixels in M-DNG to get a small dynamic range boost and slightly cleaner files before noise reduction is applied, along with improved burst depth. Go down again to S-DNG at 18 megapixels if you don’t need high resolution but do want unlimited burst shooting.“ Did anybody see any difference so far?
  10. Some say it does not really make a difference in terms of image quality whether you let the M11 provide the reduced size 18 or 36 MP DNGs or whether you reduce the size in post processing, even for higher ISO. What is your impression and what do you prefer? Why? Do you plan to ever use the option of providing the reduced size directly by the camera? I don’t have an M11 yet, so any practical experience from your side will be highly appreciated.
  11. Maybe a Billigham, Oberwerth whatsoever with a customized cutout, so that others may readily recognize the M11 (and not an inferior M model) inside the bag.
  12. Well, as Noctilux users commonly shoot wide open, diffraction will not be an issue even at 120 MP. 😀
  13. Still undecided. The big question for me is, whether the so-called pixel binning (via hardware? Via software?) will have any advantage over post processing of a 60MP DNG and whether the sensor performance is noticeably better than that of my M10R in practice. Another aspect to consider is that at 60MP and the associated small pixel pitch diffraction kicks in at about above f7. The reduced weight is a great advantage IMHO. No baseplate: neutral Maybe I will replace my M10 that I also still have with a black M11...
  14. If MP means dots, it would be indeed inferior to that of the SL2. https://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/leica-sl2/leica-sl2DAT.HTM Leica itself only mentions „dots“ for the SL2:
  15. I‘m not aware of such information. Depending on how to interpret the term „MP“, 3.7MP would be better than that of the SL2 which has 5.76 million Dots (R, G, B ) equating to 1.92 MP.
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