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B&W Swaledale


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Thanks Pete, Paul, Robert & Ivan.

Ivan, I tried to use levels to improve things after your comments, but somehow I could'nt get a good outcome, either the sky got blown out or the building too dark.!! What I might try is a HDR version! This old farm house obviously had a fantastic view back in the day, but was abandoned after subsidence due to mining. What a great shame.:rolleyes:

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A lovely image! Thanks for sharing. IMHO I don't think you will get it much better, although I'd be interested in seeing an HDR version if you do one. Whereabouts was this taken in Swaledale? I was there for a week's landscape photography course last summer (2008) and stayed in Reeth - we did Muker, Ancram etc. A lovely part of the country.

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Hi bluebear, thanks for the kind words. This is Crackpot Hall, it is on the coast to coast route, and is found above Keld. A fantastic site, but then I am just mad about the area.

BTW If you look at my B&W album you will see another shot of the area, the one you mentioned Muker.;)

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Is it just me or is it a little tilted anticlockwise? Maybe it is just me, as there isn't a clear point of reference (horizon) in the photo. Otherwise, love it. Nice clouds for you that day and classic foreground and back ground subjects with the meandering line through the composition that seem to start at the building in the foreground. Magic spot that you have there.



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Thank you all for the kind words. Eric I think you could be right, the far hill is not level but more level than I show here. I will work on this..thanks. Rick, yes you have the meaning of "subsidence" spot on, ( Your English is a lot better than my German) mines are located all over this area, and it has been allowed to fall apart since the 50s /60s

Hodc Thank you I like that.

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