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    i really enjoyed using the 35-70 f4 a few years ago . it's obviously doing well on your SL
  2. at the same time, i ordered a FATTY D strap in black with red stitching from https://sailorstrap.ecwid.com/#!/FD-Black/p/62224677/category=18060064 for the SL, because of the larger diameter woven cord. it too is comfortable, well stitched, and the communications with the company were quick and easy. $55 including mailing charges from warzaw, poland was quick and reasonable. the only drawback is that the strap comes without buckles etc for the SL, so i'll need to borrow them from an old strap.
  3. i'm sorry to read the sad news about umberto eco. his books remain a reference for me - how much i still need to learn and discover.
  4. i'm a bit sad to see the dogs just sitting there on a display stand, with a short leash keeping their heads up, but thank you for the short photo documentary. greetings from hamburg rick
  5. don't ask me how i stumbled across this link to straps from www.deadcameras.com , but i thought their XL STRAP would be perfect for the SL. they're handmade in portugal; communications by email were quick and easy, and the strap, with its extra-wide pad, is well-designed and very comfortable. it comes with optional mounting rings , so the strap can be moved to different camera types. i'll post photos later.
  6. a great corner of london! thanks for the memories.
  7. 1. i wanted to carry just one camera, instead of choosing between or carrying two (MM and A7R) 2. a 4:1 ratio between R and M lenses greetings from hamburg rick
  8. thanks, all. i learned something new about the early days.
  9. hello carlos i'm certainly no expert, but comparing your III with mine from 1939, i'm concerned that they don't look like products from the same manufacturer? i'll watch this thread to see what advice the experts will offer you. good luck. rick PS. i think your question should be moved from the S forum to the rangefinder / barnack section where it will get more attention
  10. and color and contrast...... ongoing thanks to steve and adam for keeping the potential of both cinestill films in our field of view. greetings from hamburg rick
  11. hi M28 your lonely APO 50 deserves a good companion, and the M Monochrom v1 is certainly one of the best. you can have mine if you want it, but i'm afraid that we're on opposite hemispheres and that customs at your end will impact your landed cost. greetings from hamburg rick ps. i sent the serial number of my 50 APO to customer service in wetzlar, and received their confirmation by return that my unit had been tested and was not affected. worth an email on your part to ask?
  12. yes, good idea. i used the 25mm finder with my 24mm summilux. the slightly wider field of view gives you a tiny insurance margin. rick
  13. one of my favorite streets and neighborhoods in london, not just because my parents lived on the corner of weymouth and marlybone high street for many years, i like the young lady's look. she's probably upset because there's nothing new on her smartphone :-))
  14. expressions can also be worth 1000 words, i think. well caught.
  15. did you intend to attach a photo?
  16. Congratulations to John for the winning picture and to Lars and Carsten for their 'silver and bronze medals' among so many strong competitors. We're looking forward to the Challenge in Lisbon next year.
  17. here are the daytime pictures. http://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/253057-vote-here-vienna-one-challenge-entries/
  18. hi ivar your case would fit my M Monochrom very well (for sale in the classifieds). shall i put it on the kiel/oslo ferry for you? greetings from hamburg rick
  19. well done, all photo 3 3 points photo 20 2 points photo 22 1 point
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