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Druids Place of worship


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The two images below were taken at Avebury in Wiltshire.


The first image is of the trees that the Druids still worship under and celebrate, their roots are big and gnarled and they sit on this bank where the sun comes through the branches - it can be quite eerie at times.


The second image is of an old burial mound that is chalk covered in grass - another place the Druids have great respect for and still celebrate to this day.


I have toned and tried to make the images look old to add impact.

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Thanks for the comments.


It is a magical place and even though I am a bit of a sceptic there is definately an aura about the place with hundreds of years of history behind it.


There is still a very active Druid groupd still worshipping here led by "Arthur Pendragon" - current head druid.

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