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  1. I appreciate your extensive knowledge of 40 years working in IT, and I believe you’re keeping up2date with what's happening in the software world. Apple has changed its graphic engine in the new ElCapitan release and Adobe is still working on adapting their software to make use of the new and more efficient way of using graphic depended apps. Leica, which entirely relies on a 3rd party application to allow photographers to tether leaves its customers exposed to such flaws . I also use Hasselblad with its own “Phocus” program and it works just fine; and so does CaptureOne . A company which makes big noise about their fabulous tech advanced products should know better. I just had a Leica rep in my studio trying things and testing my own system including the new S007 which Leica is keen to sell to me. It all works fine using Yosemite, but running ElCapitan even the 007 is unstable and not fit for professional tethering us . Leica is writing the plug in and should do so properly. Don't tell me Leica has to sort out adobes problem, because it's entirely up to Leica to get this SDK undated and make things work. You can't advertise a camera to studio pros or other photographers who depend on tethering when it doesn't work . I was shooting the other day and needed another computer to work even the hire company struggled to give me a Yosemite lap top ... Tech is moving on and so am I ... If you wanna keep stuck behind its up to you, but please don’t hold us back in the progress moving forward.
  2. Lets say it was necessary , and thank you for your lecture ! They've had enough time with beta testing to get this working again . After all they seem to concentrate on the 007 , which is rather unfair to all of us who still use the S2 and 006 . Common sense or not i expect some support and communication from a company like Leica. It doesn't necessarily strengthen my trust to part with my coins for an upgrade system .
  3. I have been eagerly waiting for a fix and thought the new Lightroom2015-3 update would allow me to tether again . No luck so it seems and according to some adobe forums it is in the hands of leica to update their SDK (software developer kit) which is not working under ElCapitan. I just can't understand why the 007 works and there is no support for the S2 - 006 ? Has leica given up supporting the ones who originally bought into the system now ? I know I shouldn't have upgraded to ElCappitan , but I also bought a new computer and it's running ElCappitan so it makes sense to have all my systems on the same platform . What are other people doing who are required to tether ? Wasn't the camera sold to Studio photographers according to leica ?
  4. Oh no that would be a nightmare if the S2 and others would suffer the fate of corrosion. I will check mine now closely .
  5. As you might have noticed Adobe has really screwed up its latest Lightroom update, and OSX ElCapitan has not been a smooth upgrade. I was foolish enough to upgrade all my computers because I wanted the iCloud service to work smoothly among all my systems. I had a big client to please the other day and realised my S system does not tether anymore into Lightroom ( did Leica bother to tell their clients not to upgrade because their cameras don't work anymore ? No ! When I rang Leica London they didn't even know this problem exists ! I had to find it on other forums that Leica and Nikon are not able to tether anymore. Who is actually doing the testing I wonder ? It just shows that Leica not having its own tethered capture app in place and relying on Adobe Lightroom affects us clients to do our job properly. PLEASE DO NOT UPGRADE TO ELCAPITAN AND USE ADOBE LIGHTROOM IF YOU NEED TO TEHTER !
  6. Warum ? Lese mal hier dann brauche ich das nicht wiederholen . http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/s-typ-006-s2-forum/346660-die-neuen-s-sind-da.html
  7. Diese neue Leica S ist wirklich eine Enteuschung , und ich hatte mich schon darauf gefreut etwas wirklich neuartiges und innovatives zu sehen . Mindestens 50 mpx und dann hätte ich auch einen Grund für einen Upgrade von meiner S2P .
  8. Lovely review ! I very much enjoined reading it .
  9. Danke fuer deinen Beitrag , hervorragende Bildreportage . Wie schon gesagt das Forum hat so eine Reportage schon lange nicht mehr gesehen .
  10. I geth a rush all over my body every time I see one of those things . Urghhhh
  11. I didn't see your post when I posted the same , but one thing has to be said it's an amazing idea and just looks fantastic. This is what Leica should do .....
  12. Ja ich habe das heute auch entdeckt , und bin total beeindruckt von seiner Idee ... ein wahres Wunderwerk .
  13. LEICA X3 a new concept , just a dream or real innovation ? Whatever it is i love the idea! The guy behind it certainly has made a great example of great innovation . LEICA X3
  14. arminw

    Reveal Yourself.

    Great idea ... I'd love to ad mine too
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