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Super bowl player in spe ?


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Virgil, Andy, Steve and Stuart,


Thank you very much for your time and kind words.


As always I very much appreciate it !


Andy, now you mention that haircut... one could never be sure about the ways of a 13-year old :-)


All the best



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Very nice Marie Louise.


I agree with the above and find the RH corner to be valuable, but I am particularly drawn to the helmet and face. You've positioned and sized it and selected the contrast perfectly.


Love the skin tones of the face too which I more often find in images taken with M lenses.


Thanks for sharing.


Rolo :)

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Ivan and Amado,


Thanks a lot for looking and posting the kind words !


As always I do appreciate your feedback...


The boy in the corner is 2 years junior to Thomas and is of course an admirer of his - no matter what... :D


All the best



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