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  1. sharookh

    Idle - Labour

    Thanks Louis. Missed the forum. Hope to start posting again - damn lockdowns!!
  2. sharookh

    Idle - Labour

    Thanks Stu. Glad you enjoyed this. Unfortunately never got around to take you there last time you were here. I got in touch with John…… 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Hey Steve - this was actually shot when we were together. And no the hassie remains as a permanent member of my gear. Hope your keeping well.....
  4. Such a beauty. Thank you...!!😊😊
  5. CL, 18mm/f3.8, Super Elmar M 59th Street Bridge
  6. CL / Mobile LR Williamsburg She’s a lovely old lady I met with Adam at a Jewish bakery in Williamsburg. That was two years ago. This morning I had a delightful conversation with her......! Couldn’t help photographing her.
  7. This is at Adams exhibition at Dumbo. Much enjoyed...!!
  8. Our very own Adam and his handsome son Jonathon, braving moving New York traffic....!! Leica CL, 18/2.8 (SOOC and downsized in iPhone)
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