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I will look for a S 35mm and Keep my S007


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I have the S007 and Have no complaints on it.

 Just trying to see where to go next:   Sell my S007 and get S3 or

  Keep the S007 and buy the S 35mm lens .  My work is primarily Portraits and group shots. I am retired and still keep my hands in the Business. 

  Thank you

   Decided to Keep the S007 and Get a S 35mm Lens    Thank you

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  • rollsman4 changed the title to I will look for a S 35mm and Keep my S007

You can't go wrong with the S007 and S35. I have the S007 and S24, S35, S70, S100, S120macro and S180 and the S35 was my most used lens during this summer trip in Iceland. But that was mostly for landscape. For portrait and groups I would advise to give a try to the S70 if you do not already have it. S35 = 28mm FF and S70 = 50mm FF. 

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@rollsman4, depending on what you were looking for, the S 45mm is equivalent to a 35mm lens and is really nice for environmental portraiture (like the 35mm on a standard camera size).  

You said you were getting the 35mm and it is pretty wide… just in case you were not sure….

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