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  1. I still cant find the adaptor. I would even consider a Pentax 67 lens adaptor to Leica s007 The Pentax 67 ( not the 6x7) lenses are excellent
  2. That would be ok as I have 1 Pentax 6x7 lens which has been rated Excellent IQ Thank you
  3. I have 2 Pentax 645 A Lenses and would like to try them on my S007. Do they make one? If so, can someone give me the info. I know Leica makes one for 850.00 I am looking for a Non Leica one thats more reasonable just in case I dont like the IQ from the Pentax lenses. Thank you
  4. I cant seem to locate one of these cables for my S 007 and Pocket Wizard Plus 3 Thanks
  5. I am trying to trigger the camera with the Pocket wizard. Pocket wizard 3 Plus is what I am using. Thank
  6. This is from red Dot 2012. Will this work on the pocket wizard Plus 3 to my S 007 Camera to trigger the camera with the Pocket wizard? Thanks
  7. Thank you for sharing this info. I agree that its Best to stay with the Native Lenses especially the S system. I will check into the 35mm lens and see if I get a good deal and with AF motor replaced. Thanks
  8. No. Just decided to try it out as I do with all other cameras and lenses. Over the years I have been very fortunate to buy and sell and see which system works best for me. Thanks
  9. I am getting pros and cons on the Contax lenses. What about the Hassy HC lens with the adaptor or just stay with the S lens and pay the extra Money
  10. Not sure if its worth buying the adaptor and the price of a lens. Also, how is the IQ compared to the S lenses Thanks
  11. No I did Not. Thats one of the cameras I have NOT had to Try.
  12. Thank you both for your feedback. I might just stay with the 70 and eventually get a S wide angle. I am anxious to start using the S 007. Any suggestions as far as setting the camera up and quick user guide . Thank you Happy Holidays Dennis
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