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  1. I appreciate all your feedback and I will consider all the possibilities then make the JUMP. TY
  2. Thank you all for your info you shared. I was going to Bite the Bullet and just get the Leica 24-70. I am still looking to buy a SL body as well. TY
  3. I did NOT mean to dis credit the Leica Glass. I was hoping for someone on the forum that has used the Sigma L mount lenses on their SL body. Including the Sigma zooms Thank you for all the comments
  4. I am speculating getting a SL but I need to know if the Leica glass is worth spending all that Extra money. I need AF and I dont need to shoot F3.5-F5.6 NOT open I dont need the Bokeh I will be using it as my wald around camera and shoot some Portraits and Family shots. I am NOW retired and this is for Me as my gift to myself. Thank you
  5. I purchased a NEW battery in the box and I am Not sure which is the new one as I took it out of the box. Is there any ser # on the Battery or box? Thanks
  6. I found the problem. The Exp compensation was set incorrectly. My Mistake Thanks
  7. A friend that wanted a portrait of herself . SL and Sigma 24-70 L mount lens
  8. Thank you I have it set to PSA. I appreciate your response.
  9. I have my SL set PSAM tp PSA as recommended. Thats when I mount a flash on the hot shoe. Without using flash I tried Manual setting on the camera and adjusted the F stop on the lens up and down apertures and increased ISO. When I press the shutter to take the picture I get a quick glance and I see the image brighter but NOT when I focus and 1/2 press the shutter button. Any suggestions Thanks
  10. Thank you Sonoma, I just purchased the Sigma 65 L Mount and it looks Very sharp. I am impressed with the Sigma lens on the Sl (601)
  11. How is the Image Quality on the TL lenses to the SL 601 I do mainyl portraits
  12. How does the TL Lenses work on the SL 601 Body? How much will I lose in Mpix ? I am trying to save some money and buy the TL lens vs the SL lenses Thank you Is there any adjustments on the SL 601
  13. I am using Sigma 45 and 65 L mount lenses
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