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S007 freezes


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I know this is a long shot but no harm in asking.  Since a few week, my S007 regularly freezes when I start it.  Specifically, when I switch it on or wake it up, it is on, but none of the menues opens when I press the buttons. Also, when I turn the wheel to change aperture, nothing happens.  I can release the shutter, but no photo is recorded on the card. In about 30% of the instances when this freeze happens, I get a message “No card found”.  I get the camera to work after switching it of and on several times, or taking out the batterie several times (only once taking out the battery does not do the trick).

I have 2 batteries and it happens with both of them. Also, I changed cards and actually switched back to a CF card after having used an SD for the past years.  Also, I did a complete reset of the camera.

Does anyone here have an idea what could be the cause and the cure?  Sending it back to Leica is not an option before June. Fortunately, I have my S006 as a second body with me, as we are still in Patagonia. 


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It sounds like a board or connection to the SD / CF cards starting to fail.  It may be that warming it up with the power on eventually gets the ‘faulty’ connection to work.  I have not ever had my S007 behave like this so certainly not sure, just reading into what you described.

”No card found” and on, but not responsive - sounds like a board issue.  Glad you had your S006 with you!


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