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Barnack Challenge # 48: "My Best Friend"

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Barnack Challenge # 48
I am posting this as proxy for Christoph who has done the preparation and choosing of topic.


As the winner of the last round #47(Dangerous / Gefaehrlich) I am happy to herewith announce the theme for the next Barnack Challenge:

“My best Friend”


The dates are:

Taking pictures:       
Saturday 27th May to Sunday 4th June

Posting pictures:      Monday 5th June to Sunday 18th June

Voting:                         Monday 19th June to Sunday 2nd July


I wish you all success,

Best Regards,



As a reminder here are the rules:


The Barnack Challenge runs four times a year.

It is open to all Leica User Forum members.

In order to participate you must shoot a roll of film in line with a predefined theme within a defined period using a Leica Screwmount, early fixed-lens Leica or Leica-0 replica camera. You may use any lens, regardless of age or manufacturer, as long as it is LTM.

Select the shot that in your view best matches the theme and post it onto a single thread set up for the purpose by the organiser in the Barnack Challenge Sub Forum. Post-processing of your image should be kept to a minimum - nothing that couldn't be done in a wet darkroom fifty years ago. You may post your image any size within forum rules.

The thread will be open for postings but NOT for voting to allow all entries to be posted before voting starts. Your entries are not anonymous; please post camera, lens and film details.

Voting will then be opened. Votes may then be cast on the following basis:

Three points for best, two points for second and one point for third.

Voting runs for two weeks. One vote per member, no voting for your own image.

The winner gets the right to set the theme for the next Barnack Challenge.


Als der Gewinner der letzten Barnack Challenge #47, (Dangerous / Gefaehrlich) moechte ich hiermit das Thema fuer die naechste Challenge bekanntgeben: “Mein bester Freund"


Die Daten:

Zeit zum Photographieren:   Samstag 27 Mai bis Sonntag 4 Juni

Hochladen des Beitrags:      Montag 5 Juni bis Sonntag 18 Juni

Abstimmung:                         Montag 19 Juni bis Sonntag 2 July

Viel Spass und Erfolg!




Zur Erinnerung hier nochmal die Regeln:


Die Barnack Challenge findet vier mal im Jahr statt.


Jedes Leica User Forum Mitglied ist Teilnahmeberechtigt.


Zur Teilnahme muessen Sie einen Film belichten, wobei die Photos dem gestellten Thema entsprechen sollten und innerhalb der angegebenen Zeit enstanden sein muessen. Die Photos muessen mit einer Schraubleica, einer fruehen Leica mit fest eingebautem Objektiv oder einer Leica-0 Replica entstanden sein. Alle Objektive mit Schraubanschluss unabhaengig vom Alter oder Hersteller koennen verwendet werden.

Waehlen Sie das Photo das Ihrer Meinung nach am besten dem gestellten Thema entspricht und stellen Sie es in den entsprechenden Thread im Barnack Challenge Subforum. Die Bilder sollten nur minimal am Computer manipuliert werden (Post-processing) - nur solche Manipulationen sind zugestanden die auch in einer Dunkelkammer vor 50 Jahren moeglich waren. Sie koennen Ihr Photo in jeder den Forumsregeln entsprechenden Groesse einstellen.

Das Abstimmen beginnt nachdem alle Beitraege in einem gegebenen Zeitraum eingestellt sind. Ihre Bilder sind nicht anonym. Bitte geben Sie auch den verwendeten Kameratyp, Objektiv und Film an.

Nachdem der Zeitraum zum Hochladen der Bilder abgelaufen ist beginnt die Abstimmung. Jedes Forumsmitglied das abstimmt muss dreimal Punkte verteilen:

Drei Punkte fuer das beste Bild

Zwei Punkte fuer das zweitbeste Bild

Einen Punkt fuer das drittbeste Bild


Jedes Forumsmitglied kann einmal abstimmen, darf jedoch nicht fuer den eigenen Beitrag stimmen.


Der Gewinner bestimmt das Thema fuer die folgende Barnack Challenge.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Some of the most loved threads on this forum start with questions like: which film, camera, lens should I take to >location of your choice<, >event of your choice< etc. In the following I will try to settle this question once and for all for the Barnack Challenge - and that, of course, based solely on facts and statistics. To this end I have analysed 45 past challenges to enable you to make your respective equipment choices with the utmost chance of success guaranteed.

45 challenges because the results of challenge 27 (Personality) seems to have vanished into the digital nirvana, and as far as I could gather Challenge 46 never took place someone - probably inadvertently - moved on with Challenge 47 after Challenge 45. Please also keep in mind, that numerous participants, even winners, did chose not to mention the equipment they used, and those are consequently ignored in the analysis, but of course that lacking data may introduce faults which means the results could be totally wrong as well.

In order to do my analysis I checked the equipment used by participants of each competition, and noted which camera, lens and film they used. I then also noted separately the amount of points earned by the first, second and third winners. This is the raw data on which my analysis is based.


To start off with and to give you an insight into the variety of equipment used, I counted:

  • 14 different types of Barnack cameras used.
  • 67 different types of lenses were used
  • 71 different types of films used


Of those the most used equipment of the participants were:

  • The most used camera was the Leica IIIf (189 entries) followed by the Leica IIIg (65) and Leica IIIa (55). The least used cameras were the Leica Ia, Leica If and Leica IIc with one entry each.
  • The most used lens was the Summitar 2/50 (71) followed by the Elmar 3,5/50 (58) and the Summaron 3,5/35 (53). There was also a humongous amount of lenses only used once.
  • The most used film was Ilford HP5 (51) followed by Kodak TriX (50) and Ilford FP4 (33) - again the amount of different films used only once is rather staggering.


Next, lets look at the points gained with the equipment, so the equipment used by the winners of the first second and third place, that gained the most points:

  • The cameras gaining the most points was the Leica IIIf (130) followed by the Leica IIIa (26) and the Leica IIIc (25).
  • The lenses gaining the most points were the Summitar 2.50 (50) followed by the Elmar 3,5/50 (32 points, though there are also additional 36 points allocated to lenses declared as just Elmar 50, and 7 points to the Elmar 2,8/50). The Summicorn 2/50 (19) points comes next.
  • The films that gained the most points was Ilford HP5 (42) followed by Kodak TriX (32) and Ilford FP4 (26)


Now, let’s look at which equipment was used by those who gained first place:

  • The camera winning most often was the Leica IIIf (18 times) followed by the Leica IIIc (6 times) and the Leica-0 Replica (4 times).
  • The lens used most often for the winning shot was the Summitar 2/50 (9 times) followed by a generically called Elmar 50 (7 times, with additionally the Elmar 3,5/50 winning 4 times and the Elmar 2,8/50 2 times) and finally the Anastigmat 3,5/50 winning also 4 times. Interestingly there are two lenses following close with 3 wins, namely the Summaron 3,5/35, and the Elmar 4/90
  • The film winning most often is the HP5 (9 times) followed by a shared second place for the FP4 and TriX (5 times each) and by a third place for Agfa APX100 (3 times)


A different viewpoint of looking at the result is to divide the first place gained by an equipment by the number of times the equipment participated in the competition. Here the results:

  • The cameras that won most often per entry was the Leica-0 replica and the Leica IIf, both of which had a 67% chance of winning per entry, followed by the Leica IIIc with a chance of 55% and by the Leica If with a chance of 50%.
  • There are four lenses that each participated only once and won the competition, so those would have a 100% chance of winning, however they are statistically not really relevant. For completeness sake those lenses are the Skink Pinhole Pancake lens, the Voigtlaender 2,5/50, the Summarex 1,5/85 and the Elmar 6,3/105. From the lenses that participated more often, the highest scoring was the Anastigmat 3,5/50, the Elmar 2,8/50 and the Canon Serenar 1,9/85 all with 67% followed by the Elmar 4/90 with 50% and the Summaron 3,5/35 with 43%.
  • With the films with the highest percentage of success for winning there are again a number of films that had a 100% chance of success but were used only once so are statistically irrelevant, namely Legacy Pro 400, Jessop Colour and Eagle colour 640. I believe that films that only are used twice are in a similar category, namely the Agfa Scala 200 with 50%. Of the films that were used more often those with the highest chance of winning were Fuji 400, Fuji 1600, APX100, Fomapan 400 and Kodak Portra 160 all with 50%, followed by Ilford FP4 with 38% and Ilford Pan-F and Ilford Delta 100 with 33%.


So here you have it, the ultimate facts behind the winning pictures! And I hope that, you can now make the right decision in choosing from your equipment collection and finally win (or at least have fun participating).

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Posted (edited)

Might be a picture of...a library, a motor bike, your car, a favourite food dish, your latest read book, gardening in the sunshine, heaven forbid perhaps even your partner/wife/husband/old school mate. A favourite comfy armchair. Your TV.

So don't be such a party pooper Zeitblom...get into it :D


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2 hours ago, Zeitblom said:

"...so get creative."

But with all the expected photos of dogs, cats, and other pets, I find this challenge to be the least interesting in years, and of course I won't be taking part.

I'll repeat,   ........ so get creative.

Life has taught me that the least inspiring prospect can be the catalyst to a great result.

If you think 'family pets' are boring, I dare you to make a good pic of one. ie. not a boring one. Don't let your prejudice get in the way.

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On 5/25/2023 at 9:54 AM, Zeitblom said:

"...so get creative."

But with all the expected photos of dogs, cats, and other pets, I find this challenge to be the least interesting in years, and of course I won't be taking part.

oh, I was planning to get a rabbit pet for the week end, shoot it for the challenge, shoot it again and have it for diner (Lapin Chasseur, very yummy). You ruined my plans 🥲

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... which is plenty of time, unless you don't like your first attempt. So this is a good reason to start now (if you haven't already) which gives you time to reshoot a better pic.

Do it now!!! 👍

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