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Leica C (type 112) Aperture Priority

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For sheer convenience of spontaneity when out walking my dog I usually keep my C (type 112) set on program mode. To-day I decided the shot I wanted needed Aperture Priority mode and I came rather unstuck.

The smallest available aperture is on type 112 is F8. I set the dial to "A" then expected to adjust aperture using the Control Ring on the front of the camera. Amazingly all that did was to adjust the ISO level with absolutely no facility to adjust aperture.

On returning home I checked the published instructions where page 92 (attached) confirmed that I had done exactly the correct action - but I failed. Can any other Type 112 users point out where I am going wrong. It looks pretty simple to me but I am obviously missing a trick somewhere.

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Just had a look on my C.  I have the control ring set to change the zoom and the little wheel on the back to change aperture (I always use Aperture Priority).  To change the control ring to aperture control, go to:-



Scroll down to 'Control Ring Set'

Choose/select 'DEFLT' (Default Control) - yours is set to 'ISO - Sensitivity'

Press select & bingo - the control ring will now adjust the aperture.

You're welcome ;)

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That is really helpful, thank you so much, Keith.

That is an aspect of basic setup I would never have been brave enough to touch. It is sad, though, that f8 is the smallest available

All set now. Very grateful.


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