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  1. Not criticism, Keith, more personal preference. I guess we all look at things differently and I usually admire your contributions.
  2. Lovely scenes but I am afraid I am not a fan of the out of focus backgrounds for long shots, whereas they seem to work better for close backgrounds. It is the same for blurred running water for me - I guess I just like fully crisp and glittering images
  3. Film, film, film - this shot just shows the perfection which can be achieved. Although I keep my little digital C to hand, I purchased an R6 a couple of years ago and found the film discipline really refreshing and rewarding. It seemed to me that the skill level moved from post processing right back to taking the shot. No second chances; no chance to see what you have just captured and so on. Sadly circumstances dictated I could not continue with film so the R6 was sold.
  4. Excellent title - what a wonderfully relaxing shot.
  5. Do you ever leave your camera at home?
  6. OK, I accept fair comment but it never hurts to float the unthinkable. A millennial thing, well perhaps at 80 I should be proud! I do support the view that after a lifetime of taking pictures, keeping them is futile for those who follow but will have no interest in the subjects. Times, tastes and attitudes move on.
  7. At the risk of being fasecious is it worth going back a step and ask "WHY", then think through likely demand or when you would actually want to access such a huge volume of images. I understand why commercial units will need to maintain an archive, just like they do with email exhanges, but it seems to me that without a clearly defined need and purpose of storing such vast volumes of images might not be productrive. In short, why store huge volumes of images if they never get looked at again. For me, photography is about capturing the moment for near term satisfaction or review, but as time moves on those moments fade and rarely see thge light of day again.
  8. Thank you so much Andy. It is so helpful to try understanding reasoning behind changes. My recent scanning of very old (1960's) slides has been so successful which has encouraged me. What I need to consider now is whether the quality of scanned reversal shots will produce images which compare favourably with the digitals from my Leica C. Ideally I need to be able to shoot identical shots on the different media then compare output. I did something like that a few years ago when I compared my Leica VLUX with my C to find a glaring superiority of the C.
  9. I just cannot get film out of my mind despite being wonderfully satisfied with my little Leica C. A couple of years ago I bought a secondhand Leica R6.2 and used b/w with the intention of maybe restarting my own processing. That did not work out for all sorts of reasons so I sold the R again, but the lure of going back to film will just not go away. I suppose 70 years ago in my youth my film/darkroom experiences are just pretty embedded. I am exploring this again and this time looking at colour. Many years ago reversal film cost included processing and mounting but that does not seem the case these days. My idea would be to get film processed commercially (UK) then scan with my Epson Perfection V700 Photo flatbed for later printing. I have been digitizing many old slides very successfully recently. What I cannot work out is whether it would be better to use Kodak/Fuji reversal film or negative film to get best digitized print results. I have not explored UK processing options yet, but what experience can anyone share about the reversal/negative option before I launch another film camera purchase investment?
  10. Grateful thanks for these suggestions. They look good so I shall experiment.
  11. Now that I am well on the way with scanning my old slides I can see how even 50+ years old are still as bright and clear as ever. What I need to do now is to find some way of storing the images. I intend transferring them to my Macbook Pro, but seek a format which a "non computer" person could just thumb through a set of full screen images by using a simple UP arrow or something. If I store as simple files in a folder, as far as I can see one needs to go back to click on a specific file name for every image within Preview. There has to be a more simple method.
  12. I can confirm that moving to Epson Scan 2 has solved all my problems. It is a much improved system altogether.
  13. Thank you. I have tried the time saving tactic but to no avail. There is also a time-out option in Epson Scan but that is not available for the V700. Been in touch with Epson to-day who said immediately they had a patch for this problem in Epson Scan2 which they gave me. I have yet to test if that solves my problem. Meanwhile, although I usually find Epson to be reliable I shall take a look a Vuescan.
  14. No mention of that, David, but I'll check with Epson. Good idea.
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