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SL2 as a copy camera

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Is it possible to couple an iPhone to the SL2 so that it can be easily used to view from the front of a vertical copy setup with the camera facing down (e.g an enlarger or Bencher type arrangement).  I want to be able to copy slides, 35mm/6x6 negatives and prints.  If this can be done are there special cables or connectors that are best to use?  

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Hi Les. If you download the Leica Fotos app for the iPhone, you will be able to use it for remote camera control with live view. So you can see the image, change the settings etc. It can be a bit tedious to get it all set up, but once the camera is paired, it has worked fine for me at least. You can probably do it with the Leica tethering software or Lightroom and a USB C cable, but I have not tried that yet. I actually have to do it later today for a client, so I will see if I can update you more later. Generally I have not had to do enough volume or had the camera in an angle yet where it was inconvenient, so I have not bothered to tether yet...

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The Fotos app might be useful because when I am set up to copy either slides, negatives or prints I will typically do many at one sitting so the set up time compared to the work copied will be low.  If I were only going to do a few at a time fiddling with a setup might become a pain.  The iPhone could also be used more easily for ground level shots without having to get the eye close to the right angle finder.  Let me know what you find with the pairing of the iPhone and also with Lightroom.  Thanks.  Les

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Hi Les,

I used the Fotos app this afternoon to do some copy work. I found it to work fine for controlling the setup. The only thing I missed was 100% magnification. The app just uses the AF at full view. It may be a feature, but I did not see it off hand. In general, I think this works just fine, but if I had to do it in any volume, I would prefer to use tethering via Lightroom or Leica Image Shuttle (using a hot folder in Lightroom). The bigger screen makes it easier to judge focus. I think the Fotos app is more useful for triggering, selfies with a tripod etc.

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Hi Stuart,

Good information.  Thank you.  I really appreciate your testing it for me.  I have Lightroom on my laptop so that should be a good way for me to go.  No added cost. The larger screen will be a benefit to me as my eyes are not what they use to be.  Thanks again.

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Hi Les,

Glad to be of help. I should also say that while Leica Fotos has a premium level, the main part of the software is free, so if you just want to use your phone, you can do that for free. Same for Leica Image Shuttle. Also free. I am not sure if Live view tethering works with Lightroom...I have only used it and Leica Image Shuttle with the S006, which does not have live view.


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