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  1. Hi Stuart, Good information. Thank you. I really appreciate your testing it for me. I have Lightroom on my laptop so that should be a good way for me to go. No added cost. The larger screen will be a benefit to me as my eyes are not what they use to be. Thanks again.
  2. Stuart, The Fotos app might be useful because when I am set up to copy either slides, negatives or prints I will typically do many at one sitting so the set up time compared to the work copied will be low. If I were only going to do a few at a time fiddling with a setup might become a pain. The iPhone could also be used more easily for ground level shots without having to get the eye close to the right angle finder. Let me know what you find with the pairing of the iPhone and also with Lightroom. Thanks. Les
  3. Is it possible to couple an iPhone to the SL2 so that it can be easily used to view from the front of a vertical copy setup with the camera facing down (e.g an enlarger or Bencher type arrangement). I want to be able to copy slides, 35mm/6x6 negatives and prints. If this can be done are there special cables or connectors that are best to use?
  4. I have enjoyed reading the comparisons and reviews of for example the SL vs the SL2 and even some user comparisons between the M10 variants and about switching from M to SL. Are there any comparisons between the SL and/or SL2 and for example the Nikon Z cameras or Panasonic/Lumix or the new Canon R5 or R6? It would be useful to have Leica user perspective on this. Like SL2 contrast detection speed and accuracy vs Nikon and Canon Phase detection. Noise comparisons at different ISOs. Viewfinder comparisons/limitations, etc. I can't blame Leica because the other brands com
  5. Perhaps I missed it in one of the reviews but can someone tell me if the S1 and/or S1R has an Auto ISO feature, e.g. user sets aperture and shutter speed and lowest ISO is automatically set by the camera to give proper exposure?
  6. I don't think that Leica will ever produce the long focus lenses that Canon and Nikon produce. However, if Leica were to produce a 1.4X and/or a 2.0X matched extender for the 90-280mm lens I would purchase without hesitation. This would provide 392mm and 560mm at the longest focal length and I expect that 280/392/560mm would serve most of the photographic telephoto needs of many/most of those in this discussion, especially if there is to be an SL2 in Leica's future. This would be a smaller, lighter and less expensive alternative than a couple of long prime lenses for travel and be all Leica
  7. Thanks for all of the comments.
  8. In the last photo of the entire sensor it looks different on the left and right sides. Inconsistent application of the glue? For what we pay for Leica I would think that these issues would be non-existant. I love Leica performance and ergonomics and image quality. What really concerns me is reliability. When I owned only Canon I never carried a backup. Now that I have the SL, I carry my Canon with at least one lens as backup because of everything that I read here. For the price of Leica, we should all have superior confidence that the camera will not fail us. Other than new lenses and
  9. I would also like to use a Speedlite on the SL if possible. Has anyone tried to use a Canon 580EX Speedlite on the SL? Is it safe to use on-camera without chance of burning out the SL? I also have a little Sunpak RD2000 flash unit for the Canon. Would this be compatible? It is low power but I could use it to slave the Canon 580EX off-camera. Also, are there any hot shoe current restricting units to go between the SL body and the flash to control any current going to the SL and causing damage?
  10. I am still a bit confused about the use of the Leica SL with the R-adapter-L with the Leica APO-Macro-Elmarit 100mm f2.8 lens. There is a 3 cam lens and an ROM lens. I assume that the ROM lens will transfer information to the Leica SL? Will the 3 cam version of the lens transfer any information? Are there any other advantages to either of the two lenses?
  11. I would like to see an extender for the 90-280 as well. I would sell all of my Canon gear if this happened so that I could carry only one system wherever I go. I will soon have the 16-18-21 WATE, a macro and so I will have 16mm to 280mm focal lengths. A top quality 1.4 extender would be a perfect system.
  12. Can anyone compare image quality of the new SL 50 versus the %0/1.4 ASPH? Also, any comments on which lens would be best for street photography.
  13. Thank you for the help. Les
  14. I have just received my new SL and I want to be sure about the slots for the storage media. This is my first post here so I apologize if I am not using the correct procedure. On page 171: changing the memory cards: Slot 1 (top) operates according to UHS II standards, slot 2 according to UHS I. On p294 the technical data states: SD, SDHC, SDXC cards both UHS I (slots 1 and 2) UHS II (slot 2) Can someone please tell me which is correct. Also, if there is a discrepancy, Leica should be notified. Is there a US contact for customer service or technical issues.
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