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In normal times I would make a weekly visit to a local classic camera shop where most of my Leica equipment has come from. He is closed.

Now I trawl the Internet and must have bought at least a dozen lenses since lockdown. Only last week the postman brought me a 90mm Fat Elmar and a 35mm Summilux, not to mention various filters.

This picture was taken on a Leica 11, upgraded from a 1, with 50mm Summarit (also a lockdown purchase), 30th at f5.6 on Ilford Pan F in Moersch Tanol, copied from a darkroom print.

The Reid 1 with Taylor Hobson lens and 50mm Xenon in the picture also came out of the boxes during lockdown/easedown.

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QUARANTINE  In old normal times when I heard of people being placed under house arrest I thought that didn't sound too bad. Now I know better. This is what passes for my office these days.

Taken with a IIIg and 50/2.8 Elmar, on HP5 Plus, developed with FA-1027, and "scanned" with a digital camera.

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“Crazy Covid Hippie”....on the Corner in the Center of Town Cheering  up One  and All with a Happy Shirt,  A Dance and  Wave to the cars.   Complete with Mask, Peace  Sign and Flower.   Taken with UR Leica Replica #9. Carl Zeiss Jena Kino Tessar f 3.5 5cm. (1911).   Kodak XX  in stock D76. iPhone pic of negative 




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LET ME OUT! An attempt to show the frustration felt by some at present. 

The photo was made with a Leica IIIF and 50mm Summicron (Collapsable) on Ilford HP5 (developed in Spur HRX) Normally I would scan a print to present the photo to the forum, however I don't have the time at the moment so this is a scan of the negative.

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Employers in Singapore require staff to take their temperatures twice a day. ( One forgets from time to time of course...)

Leica IIIg with a Hector 135mm f4.5 on a Visoflex 1. Agfa APX 400, D76 1+1, Epson V800  

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Jupiter, my German Shepherd Dog, normally walks 2 hrs a day (total) with me. Our lockdown restrictions have interfered with this. He doesn't understand why. This pic epitimizes his 'patience', lying at the open  front door, his leads hanging in the background, waiting for when we can venture out again.

Camera & lens: Leica 111f + 50/2.0 Summitar.

Film: Ilford HP5+ developed in Xtol 25:1

Scanner: Nikon Colscan 5000.


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17 hours ago, Chief said:

Thank you.  Everyone loves Sam, except his brother Ginger. : )


Please note that this picture does not qualify for the challenge as it was not taken with a screw Leica.

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The "New Normal" in my neighborhood is a lot of moves happening. People from NYC leave the city and move to the suburbs, for example to NJ where I live. Also lots of people continue to leave NJ for a variety of known reasons. When I walked on the street last month, I came across several storage units placed in driveways likely to store stuff temporarily while homes get ready to be sold. 

Taken on August 16th with my Leica IIIc and Minolta Super Rokkor Chiyoko 45/2.8 LTM lens with Kodak Porta 400 film.


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