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  1. Ambro51

    Have I Had An Epiphany?

    You’ll make subtle changes is the image contrasts/ shading that may fit your needs. Try it.
  2. SEARS ‘Had’ Everything!
  3. Ambro51

    Have I Had An Epiphany?

    ...thinking along another path.....consider using a yellow filter.
  4. Ambro51

    Inspirational Photographers- B&W

    When I began my 1O year stint as a traveling wet plate photographer, I studied many early artists, who made images with a variety of processes. The Greatest Work I found was that of Hill and Adamson, using the Calotype Process (salted paper negatives) during the 1840’s. These images Still strikingly convey emotions and feeling. There were times I posed Civil War period civilian reenactors in similar pose.
  5. Ambro51

    Zeiss ZX1 vs Leica Q

    The Zeiss has Classical Eye Appeal.
  6. .....it turned the rangefinder Leica into the Worlds First (1935) 35mm SLR Camera. It’s still a delight to use, though you have to train yourself not to “react” as while watching in the viewer and pressing the dual cable release..the image beiins tO movE uP’. ....in theory I could hook this rig up to my 6” Refractor Telescope (huge) and do some decent astrophotography...but I’m too lazy;-)
  7. Ambro51

    working Ur-Leica?

    Way too much emphasis is put on “exact focus”. Depth of field, especially with a 42mm fl lens like the UR evolved to have, is very deep and increasss as the lens is stopped down. When Dr. Leitz took the UR to New York City, Barnack told him to always shoot F8 and let depth of field take care of focus. With this lens, at F8, depth of field encompasses 10 feet to infinity. ••••••••• Oskar wanted a small precise “point and shoot” camera that made a manageable number of high quality negatives as easily as possible. No Fuss. In fact, the UR did not have a tripod screw mount, a real break with tradition.
  8. Ambro51

    working Ur-Leica?

    The lens assembly is helical focusing like any Leica
  9. It’s a III with PLOOT, 45 degree with 5X viewer, 135 Hektor head in short focusing mount, 36 lens hood Leitz ball head tripod mount and dual cable release. It is Awesome for birds in trees 🙂
  10. Ambro51

    working Ur-Leica?

    The “birthing” of a working UR, and how it becomes a “real camera”, instead of a shelf display, is a Beautiful thing. It’s addictive, highly addictive. A tiny thing, it fits your pocket perfectly. The cameras George had represent Many Hours of precision work by a highly skilled technician. His Art is hidden inside...where we cannot see it. But, in another way, art is the concealment of effort. And, great effort was made to put true Leica precision into the UR camera George had.
  11. It’s a replica 1A I built that takes Wet Plate.
  12. Oh That is IT. Thanks, I’m getting one! This seems like a really good way to get top flight Big Glass onto an LTM. There’s the F1.2 55mm also......
  13. Hmmmm. Sounds like an interesting thing to build, an F to M39 adapter. The NICA reminds me of that massive Ermanox/lens rig!
  14. I’ve been playing with lenses and see that the Nikon F mount positions the lens, at focus, a few mm ahead of the Leica flange. Using my “wet plate Leica” with full size ground glass....it’s awesome the big Nikon 1.4 lens throws. So, it looks a bit HUGE on an E Standard, but aside from (obviously) scale (or handheld rangefinder) the results might be incredible. Thoughts? (Be Sweet)