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What about a Lockdown comp

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Just been thinking about a little photo competition we could have during the Lockdown, we could all post one image of the same subject for example portrait, still life or whatever we decide on and then have a vote on it. All images to be posted on the same day and must be  taken during this Lockdown. 

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15 minutes ago, earleygallery said:

Perhaps for those of us with film Leica's we might have to find a way to bend the usual rules? Maybe that Leica must be used or incorporated into the photo somehow/



Aloha, not sure what you actually mean, but a Leica themed/based protocol would be totally acceptable..  L

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Competition rules (indeed Forum rules) state that in most cases * photographs need to have been taken with a Leica camera or lens, or both. This isn't necessarily feasible in the current climate if you are a film user.


* If you are illustrating a technical point, or something in the Bar, then alternatives are OK. Not in the Photos section though, with one exception  (the I love film thread)

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