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  1. You could also have a look at Nikon coolscan scanners, the image IV added is a 35mm transparency scanned using a Coolscan IV.
  2. Hi all The charger for my M8 is no longer charging my battery's ( I'm using the charger from my M9 at the moment ), has anyone else had this happen and could it be fixed. If its unrepairable are there any decent third party chargers that work ok with M8/M9 battery's ?
  3. Hi all Just wondering if any members had taken film with them while travelling recently and how they have managed with the security scanning at the airport. I’m travelling to Lanzarote in a couple of months and was thinking of taking the M6 and a few slide films with me but unsure about the carry on with the film destroying new scanners they are using now.
  4. Looking like me and my grandson will be there, he’s now the proud owner and user of a IIIa that I reluctantly passed onto him.
  5. It won’t be me 😂 I’ve not got the legs for it 😜
  6. If I've nothing on I will try to make it to Blackpool for the day, I suppose I could pretend to be Bert Hardy.
  7. Great little camera's Graham, her indoors got me one for Christmas and its become one of my favourite carry camera's. Mine is one of the early German made Tessar lensed versions and gives really nice images.
  8. I find if I tell my wife that I’m going to buy another Leica camera body, lens, accessory etc then she soon puts a stop to it. This works for me 😂
  9. Not my best days photography, checked battery life in camera was ok and drove for 1 hour to a location. Started taking photos and battery died after 4 images, swapped battery to spare in my camera bag only to find it was nearly flat so another 4 images. next I drove home and picked up a fully charged battery and headed to somewhere local only to find access blocked to the site I wanted to photograph so only got 10 images in total and none I’m very happy with. Still going to enter though 🙂
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