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Leica M10 Hands-On Field Test


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Doesn't he also make a mistake in suggesting cheap alternative to the EVF, which was the case with that for the M240.

Yes, the Olympus EVF is mentioned in the video, but thats not a correct information. While the viewfinder itself is probably the same underlying technology as the Olympus E-VF4, they have different physical connectors. The E-VF4 hast the same connectors as the E-VF2, which was usable on the M240. If Leica had supported it, the E-VF4 could have been used on the M240. The M10, like the T, has no longer the Olympus-style contacts below the flash shoe, they have some additional contact(s) inside the hot shoe. So, the Olympus Viewfinders won't work on the M.



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