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Found 15 results

  1. Hi I have recently bought two Leica M6 cameras with various problems, and are wondering which one to keep. The best looking one is a Wetzlar M6 and has the following problems: - The rangefinder patch flares significantly more than the other M6. This seems to be caused by haze on the inside of the rangefinder window. My leica CL has less flare than both. - After the shutter trips, I am able to see a little bit of the seam on the left hand side of the shutter looking inside of the camera from behind. It is somewhat visible when looking straight on and compared to the other M6 it is a bit more visible in general. Might be a problem according to https://www.cameraquest.com/leicamchecklist.htm -Winding the shutter also makes a rubbing sound which the other M6 does not. - The other M6 also has smoother winding lever and more dampened shutter button than the Wetzlar M6. The other M6 is a big logo version made in the Sloms factory - The light meter on this one is sometimes off by more than 4 stops, even with a new battery. Other times it can be correct, but the arrows don't light up like the Wetzlar M6. I am never able to get the two arrows to light up evenly. One of the arrows is always stronger than the other. This means that the light meter goes from for example totally overexposed (only one arrow) -> a bit overexposed( one arrow brighter than the other) -> a bit underexposed (the other arrow brighter than the other) -> Totally underexposed (only one arrow). According to the manual I am missing the double arrows correct exposure light. - The white circle on the wound shutter curtain is also a bit faded and not evenly white from right to left, compared to the Wetzlar M6. - The shutter button on the big logo M6 is also a bit sticky after pressing or half pressing the shutter, making the light meter stay on indefinitely. - The 2nd shutter curtain on the big logo M6 also starts to creep in a little bit before the Wetzlar M6 when using the 1 second shutter speed. I hope you can help me decide. If both needs repair or CLA which will be the simplest and least expensive to repair? Thank you for taking the time to read through all this.
  2. Hello everybody great to be here. I have been shooting Leicas all my life... great to find this Leica forum. I shoot mostly with my M6s and digital too. I do mostly editorial/travel/FineArt work. My first book Cuba A Personal Journey: 1986-2016 of my 25+ years of documenting the island was published end of 2016 all shot in black & white film and mostly with Leicas. Here you all can read more about it. http://www.bjp-online.com/2016/10/a-moment-in-time-an-exploration-of-cuba-through-the-years/ https://www.lensculture.com/articles/manuello-paganelli-cuba-a-personal-journey Manuello Paganelli Los Angeles California
  3. From the album: Manuello Paganelli

    Leica M6 35mm Lens Kodak Tmax 400

    © Manuello Paganelli © 2018

  4. A few weeks ago my Leica SF 24D flash was not consistently firing. When my light meter started to dim I realized it was my camera batteries causing this and changing them seemed to fix the problem. I only use my flash a maybe once or twice a week, so a few weeks after that the flash wasn't firing again. I changed the batteries in flash but that did nothing. The flash still turns on normal and reads the cameras settings but does not fire when the shutter is pressed. I tried all settings on the flash and multiple shutter speeds on the camera. Im thinking there is maybe something simple I am totally overlooking but maybe the flash is broken. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening? Thanks!
  5. Ich hab aus Vietnam eine kleine Serie mitgebracht alles Kodak Portra 160 und 400 mit meiner Leica M6 und 35mm Summicron IV Ganze Serie hier: http://www.philippwortmann.com/lounging-in-viet-nam Oder auch: https://www.instagram.com/_philippw._/ Teaser:
  6. Hi, Okay I will admit I've been wanting a leica for a fair while now and just to clarify I'm 19 still at college (soon to be university to do photography). And this leica has been brought to my attention its cheaper and it has a catch. It does have paint blistering as it were. However me and my father are into airsoft (for those of you who don't know what it is it's practically paint ball with bb guns, sounds stupid but its fun!) well my father has had his airsoft guns 'ceratoked' this is a form of painting (and it is cooked) but can pretty much stick to any metal (What is Cerakote?) more information on it there. So I believe by now you'll get at what I'm coming to, I have no experiance repainting leicas and from what i gather people who have done it, it cost an arm and leg. So I was wondering if it would be suitable to paint a leica m6 top plate using this method as it would be fairly cheaper to do so then to buy another top plate at a later date. Thanks for your time Alex
  7. I recently got my Leica M6 serviced by Youxin Ye, and after receiving i decided to take it out for a test run with my Summicron 50mm F2 Dual Range. I was all set to go until i noticed a problem...the lens does not focus all the way to infinity. It stops a lil bit after 10 meters.. I took a pic of it so everyone can see Anyone know what the issue may be? I use this lens on my M3 alot and have no issues focusing to infinity at all
  8. Hallo Leica Gemeinde, bin neu hier im Forum und komme aus Kassel ich wollte hiermit allen einmal Hallo sagen ! Habe mir eine Leica M6 zugelegt, da ich mit Film schießen einfach super finde und das man wirklich noch alles mit Hand einstellen muss. Super Schnäppchen gemacht! Ich habe mit Digitalfotografie (DSLRs) angefangen und benutze sie für manche Projekte immer noch. Die Leica hat es mir jedoch sehr angetan mit Ihrem klassischen Design und guten Materiales. Ich benutze sie für mich privat und Straßenfotografie und für den Urlaub. Habe schon lange eine Billingham Tasche (perfekt für die Leica M) und bin ins Detail vernarrt. Soll heißen ich liebe Zubehör. Ich wollte euch mal fragen wo man schöne Lederbänder, Gehäusetaschen, Auslöserknöpfe,... herbekommt alles zum klassischen Design?
  9. I almost got scared when I developed this film (my first analog film ever) - he feels so real:-)
  10. MSV


    Inadequate M6ttl+35'cron
  11. Hi Ich habe letztlich eine M6 und ein neues Summarit 2.5/35 gekauft. Jetzt bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob ich vielleicht ein Problem mit der Entfernungseinstellung habe: Fokusiere ich auf ein weit entferntes Objekt ist das Sucherbild etwa einen halben bis einen Millimeter vor dem Anschlag scharf, danach wird es wieder verschoben. Soweit ich verstanden habe, kann das Summarit nicht über unendlich hinaus fokusiert werden. Ist das ein Problem? Wenn ja, woran liegt es? Gruss und Dank, Timo
  12. hallo leute, hab ne m6 classic erworben und das gute stück sofort zum cs nach solms abgegeben. warum? der sucher war verstellt und die verschlusszeiten liefen nicht korrekt. das heisst, bei zeiten ab 1/30 sekunde nach unten rasselte der verschluss nen stück weit nach. heute kam das gute stück aus solms zurück. neue beledert, sucher eingestellt, belichtungsmesser (hoffentlich) eingestellt. nur am verschlussgeräusch hat sich nix geändert. hab diesbezüglich die forumsuche bemüht, allerdings nichts gefunden was meine momentane verzweiflung lindern würde. ist es normal das bei längeren belichtungszeiten ab 1/30 der verschluss ein stück weit nachläuft? im kostenvoranschlag wurde eine reparatur der verschlussbremse veranschlagt? da ich leica-neuling bin fehlt mir das vergleichsgeräusch einer intakten m. habt ihr nen tip für mich? danke vielmals. grüsse
  13. Hello, This is going to be my first purchase of a more serious photographic equipment:D; I would like to obtain a Leica M6 (classic, No 223XXXX) as well as a used Voigtländer f1.7 (comes with adapter for M mount) from a trader in a local store for a reasonable sounding price (1050 EUR & 480 EUR, respectively). I will get a 1 month return policy. Regardless of what the trader claims (good condition): What are the main indicator clues, in terms of working condition and re-sell value, when holding the m6 or the Voigtländer lense in my hands in the store ? This questions also applies for M6 bodies and lenses quality checks in general. Keywords lense: fungus: what does it look like? How can I detect it?. Where would it be ? damaged interiour: detectable by eye ?. Can you feel it ? focus: aperture rings ? Can one feel the state ? body: light sensor state. Any way to see it while in the store ? Serial number: any clues here ? original packaging box & contents awailability: (is this important to maintain re-sell value ? ... in my case it is not available) I would be very grateful if someone could refer me to an appropriate link or tell me from his experience, regarding key indicators for good or bad state of M6 bodies (classic) and lenses. Replies in German would be equally helpful. Thank you very much in advance.
  14. Adji.AP

    The Five Gang

    Hi guys, my first post my first M The Five Gang Kids playing around inside an empty train at Mangga Dua railway station, Jakarta Indonesia. They live in slums around the railroad. I hope they have a better life in their future. M6+Nokton 35, Kodak ColorPlus converted to BW Have a nice look. Adji
  15. Impression am Rande eines Grillfests. Leica M6 mit Summicron-M 1:2.0/50mm Gelbfilter 022 Agfa APX 100 in Rodinal 1+50 17' entwickelt Scan vom SW-Negativ mit Nikon Coolscan V ED
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