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Lovely mood and light in this picture.

That's close where Mr. Clooney has his on the lake mansion.

Yes, Enrico, thank you so much for commenting, practically everybody who worked around Lake Como (we took rides on ferry, catamaran and hydrofoil and stopped and ate in all the larger lakeside towns) told stories of George Clooney. Reading the history we found that for centuries many famous historical people, artists, poets and writers, spent time there. In the breakfast patio of our hotel, the Bellagio, in the town of Bellagio, there was a 3" thick book with nothing but gorgeous paintings that artists had done there over the years. Also, it was said that scenes from Godfather and Star Wars were shot at sites on the lake. I agree it's mystical, that's why I wanted to go there and photograph it after seeing it in just one scene of Rick Steve's travel videos we looked at while contemplating this trip. I jumped up and said, I want to shoot that with the Leica! We'll go there after the Ferraris at Maranello and Modena! And it was done.The light was always changing; practically every time you looked up it was different, misty or clear I liked misty. The mood was always cheerful, even festive. There were outside restaurants everywhere. We met really nice and interesting people from all over the world, most rich and had been everywhere, some like us. I took a lot of pictures so I could take it home with me. :)

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Nice mood!


I haven't noticed anything about your "Grand Tour" on this forum, but I feel you must have had a great time !!

Are you creating a website, or uploading the series somewhere? I've been looking forward to hearing how you got on.


Best Wishes,



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Thanks Paul and John.


It all started here in 'Customer Forum':



Doc Henry did meet us in Paris and gave us the most gracious and wonderful introduction to that magical city anyone could wish for. He had two camera bags full of Leicas and he toured us around major sites around the Louvre, to the Eiffel Tower at night--and even directed traffic around me with my tripod set up on the Champs Elysees shooting in both directions, and also the Arch de Triomphe and Lady Magdelene. For instance, he was half a bridge ahead of me (I think it was the 'artists bridge') when I stopped and took the shot of "The River Seine at Play" that I posted in this Photos section. I took at least two "Henry shots" at his direction during this guided tour and will post them. These are shots that I would have walked past, but his experienced eye directed me to.


The only reason why I am hesitating publicizing pictures taken of him during that time is because I haven't heard from him after I asked for permission to publish, perhaps he is busy.


As I mentioned on this trip I shot seven rolls of film (252 pics) with the IIIg and 35 Cron Asph f/2, 50 Summarit f/1.5, and 90 Elmarit f/2.8. I also shot over 100 Mb of digital RAW_SJPG (over 4000 pics) with Canon 50D and 10-20mm and 70-200mm (multiply 1.6x sensor factor). In this forum I have shown only my Leica shots, in my photoblog I will show them all and post a link to it when it's ready. We traveled with two carry-ons and one carry-on-size armored lockable duffle bag full of photo and computer equipment (which needless to say I had to unpack and spread out at every big security station). I got so much exercise carrying that bag on planes, trains and boats I'm thinking of entering the next Iron Man or triathlon contest and leave everybody in the dust. :)

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Here is the original photo untouched (but cropped to 800x600px), for those who might be interested in clicking that menu selection in PhotoShop (I have latest LR but am underwhelmed with it) that turns their photo into black and white, as I did. I know I deserve the cat o' nine tails for doing that in this forum, but my defence is I grew up processing b&w and our plumbing is so old I know it can't survive those caustic photo developing chemicals, also I admit I shoot color film because it's hard to do without the color that is there--who knows, it might come in handy! Actually, on this photo, I think just doing the square 600x600px crop (to get rid of crooked tree on left and most of big bush on right and I wanted to show the mountain cleavage) as I did above also makes a good photo. But I do like the b&w...


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